I decided that I wanted to make something which used air pressure to fire a projectile but using literally just items found around the home.

I like spud gun projects which use pvc and such like but the truth is most people don't have pvc and valves laying around their home.

This project uses an inner tube as found on a push cycle. I have literally tens of these around which have suffered punctures and because the cost (I pay less than 50pence each) it doesn't make sense to try repair them.

This is my first project using a inner tube and I'm sure it could be modified to produce much better results and be easier to use.

The end result is a air pressure powered gun which can launch projectiles. You could modify the projectile into a rocket or something cool like that if you don't like guns :)

So all you need is:
An inner tube from a push cycle
A standard pump used for inflating your push cycle tires
A projectile such as an old 35mm film canister
Hot glue gun OR elastic band

For your safety I must insist that you wear some kind of armor when carrying out this instructable. In the video I was wearing a kevlar skin color shirt inc ase the rubber inner tube was to explode and the sharp shards of thin rubber sliced through my torso. Also I must insist you wear some kind of eye protection again in case those shards get you. In the video I'm wearing low profile security specs which are hard to make out but please ensure you wear them :)

Step 1: Prepare Inner Tube

The first step is to cut your inner tube. I cut about 10 inches either side of the valve but you can pretty much experiment as you want with this.

Next I used a hot glue gun to glue shut one end of the inner tube. I allowed the glue to harden and then bent the end over about half an inch and glued that down, ensuring an air tight(near enough!) seal. Alternatively you can simply use an elastic band to seal the end tight by wrapping it around several times tightly. I tested both methods and experienced no difference so for ease of use you may want to just use an elastic band!

For your safety I must insist that you wear some fire proof gloves when handling a glue gun, they get mildly hot and there's a possibility the gun or melted glue could scold you. Also please wear eye protection when handling elastic bands.
hehe 'i must insist that you wear goggles when handling rubber bands' please be taking the piss:P
cool i have never seen that idea before
I agree, PVC isn't exactly as cost effective as a 3-4 dollar innertube ;) . I don't think this is too bad of an instructable. Undoubtedly it could be improved,but using what you have around the house SHOULD be what is used in these instructables. I'll plus it for ingenuity, and being original....not to mention practical enough for anyone to do it. Good work :)
pretty good, looking forward to future mods on this, keep working with this design

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