Inner Tube Snake


Introduction: Inner Tube Snake

My old bycicle isn't in use from 4 years so it's about time to use at least part of it.
The snake is eco friendly and easy to make and you can always use it to scare your mother-in-law. Otherwise is nice decoration.

Step 1: Shaping the Head

For glueing the head and the tongue i used special glue for repairing inner tubes.

Step 2: Stuffing the Snake

I decided to use paper for the snake's filling, because it's easier to take shapes after. I needed one newspaper to stuff the snake.
When the snake was full i made the sharp tale.

Step 3: The Appearance

i used masking tape where coloring was needed because this kind of tape is easy to draw on.



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    you dont want to step on it - bites ;)