Step 4: Assembling the Head

Cut out a beak about 9 cm long. Place it between the top part of the head (5 pieces) and the bottem part of the head (3 pieces). Make the same diaginal little seams to connect them. Now make little vertical seams in the middle of the head parts, connecting ech piece to itself. The third picture shows it very neatly.
Pretty! Are you familiar with Maria Blaisse's inner tube hats, she made for Issey Miyake?<br> <br> Best,<br> <br> Ynze<br> <br>
I have to say that, going by just this image, Ruud's creations are by far much nicer (though it might also have to do with me not &quot;getting&quot; fashion)
<p>I have to agree with mh76dk i do not understand the &quot;fashion&quot; side of inner tubes</p><p>Think it could get rather hot on a warm summer day ;-)</p>
<p>Could be a hot look on any day!</p><p>Picture with courtesy of www.zuss.com</p>
Very nice will try asap <br>If the sewing machine isnt up to it <br>Perhaps one could try staples
Did the staples work?
A rather late reply im sorry <br>Yes staples worked great coloured ones are available but could not find black ones <br>Used regular shiny silvery staples but it still looked kinda nice from a distance <br>Since i have given that first one to a nice relative of mine a 90 year old man <br>I will have to make a new one i miss it badly <br>And this time around i vill sew it for a cleaner look <br>One thing i did was to &quot;twine&quot; four wires together for the legs and then make Three toes and a heel out of that on each side <br>It worked really well and stands ok indoors
Nice to hear you have succes with my idea. And good advice to everyone thet staples do the trick as well. I think the legs idea is a winner too! Thanks for the improvements!
Or use a different (recycle)material - or go oldskool and sew it manually (oh the horror, i know :-) <br>
I love these, could the layers be held together with staples?
Never tried it, but why not? May be it ads some sparkle.
this is too cool! I like innertube!
I absolutely love these! Thank you sooo much for this 'ible...I would have never thought of upcycling inner tubes to make one of my favorite birds! Huzzah!
You could enter this in the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Scoochmaroo-Challenge-Fathers-Day/">Father's Day Challenge</a>!
This is awesome.
really cool !
This is fantastic! Such a cleaver idea, well done!
Very cool!
Gorgeous, congratulations
They are beautiful, Ruud!

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