This is the Newest knex grenade with sleek design and ultimate fragging with only one downside, it needs a spring, it will shoot the fragments to up to 6 meters depending on the spring (I used one of my crap ones and 6 meters is like 20 is feet which is totally awesome, with a spring like mine it will fire 23 shrapnel and a rod!!!! Time to build the awesome!!

Note: the only thin grenade that actually works, innovative and I fitted around 32 in my pocket so if you pop them all it might be better than the grenade by IaC

Step 1: Piece List

One thing that a knex 'ible needs!!

check the picts

Step 2: Joints

Build it, the spring must be bigger than the rod, duh!! but smaller than the spacers, I achieved this from a penspring by prying it wider and longer for better power!! you spring can get better from dragging it!!
Step1:attach it and place the spring on!!
Step2:put all the spacers on until it cannot get any further and still fit a y connector loosely
Step 3: add the y connector and place down so it is locked as shown

Step 3: Throw!!

1:prime it! read the yellow boxes
2/3:the disaster read the yellow boxes, it looks less than a few meters because my room is weird the bag thing is about 25 cm there and the camera thingy is about 60+ cm door and doorway is huge, my camera is just weird! and some shrapnel is further on
This could be made even better if you made a bunch of them and attached them all to a central hub of 2 attached blue pieces, so it would explode absolutely everywhere.
where did you find the spring?
Between summer and autumn.<br><br>No, I found it from a pen.
Not bad, but if you use the spring that way it will lose power over time rather quickly.
the picture was after the 100th time i threw it, could you rate please?
Ok, I rate it a 4. Not that I would use this btw.
why not? I mean it isn't that good, but it still works and gets the job done.
Oh, and because I don't have a lot of spacers and just 2 springs.
well my spring, amazingly came from te top of a 10 C pen
10 C? What does that mean?
10 C? I think you mean IAC who is i am canadian
No, in your comment above, you state "well my spring, amazingly came from te top of a 10 C pen"
oh its a brand and do you know how to make some text in a batch file wait for a bit, its for fathers day, and i need the previous message deleted too!
thanks. and i dont have a clue.
i found out how and you can see in my batch festivity ible
Oh. Cool.
please take a look at my newest one
Well, because i'm waiting on the grenade that fires 50 pieces in random directions!
Stay tuned..
Are you still active, harmsy?
Well considering I made that post about an hour and a half before you did... Why wouldn't I be?
Ah well... Thats great!
stay tuned maybe next week
Looks decent, 4*
YOu are a very important person to 'ibles, so why is this 'ible attracting so much attention according to my other ibbles, im making a new one, you're the first to know, its called the knex sausage bow
Sausage bow? Like, a knex crossbow that launches... sauseges?
shaped like a sausage!!i got the picts up, should be done in half an hour, it has low friction and works like a bow, but it works in your pocket and has a range of....around 2 feet- 150+ depending on bullet and strength
Does it fire 2 feet or 150 feet?
to = -<br/>
2 to 150 feet
Well that's weird. There is a huge difference between the two, so what is wrong with you bow?
well because some people are so weak they cant even pull back a ram, im so used to knex guns that my hands are really rough and i shot my leg with an SR-1 that it only left a numbness and i can pull back 15 bands at once
Ah, I see. How far does it fire with 3 thick rubber bands?
it depends how far you pull it back...like if 1/4 way then maybe 30 feet 50 feet for 1/2 and maybe 100 feet for 150 feet? i dunno i haven't tested much due to the lack of bands
*With your bow
what about your pistol thing that looks like a glock you were talking about to me?
too much friction, never left the barrel, now modding it, ill be lucky if i post it
that's okay but still try to post it
sure...stay tuned...
"very", not really
erm.... ok?
you say this is getting a lot of hits? I laugh.
"compared to my other ones"
This just gave me an idea.
can you give me credit?
It really has nothing to do with you, and I'm most likely not going to make it, but sure.
I see a modded Mepain shottyshell.
this has a spring, it works both as a shottyshell grenade and some other thing, but it works!!

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