Insane Child Leader From Alice Madness Returns





Introduction: Insane Child Leader From Alice Madness Returns

This was a fun collaboration I did! I hope you guys enjoy even though it's creepy.

Step 1: Outline

As always go ahead and outline with a white eyeliner pencil.

Step 2: Eye Ball

to create the eyeball I went under my bottom lash line with white, then filled in my water line with a white eyeliner.

Step 3: Skin

To get that pulled skin look I filled in my eye piece with that peach color from Mehron, then I used a matte red eye shadow from BH to start that shadowing, then I grabbed a black matte eye shadow from BH and deepen up the shadows and also add some pull lines.

Step 4: Staples

To add the staples I used silver from my Mehron metallic pallet.

Step 5: Shadowing and Pull Marks

Using blacks and browns I added shadowing around the staples and also added pull marks and wrinkles. I also used a little white body paint to make highlights.

Step 6: Head Slit

I used red from my wolfe effects pallet to fill in the head slit.

Step 7: More Staples

I used silver again to make the staples on the head.

Step 8: Lots of Shadows

I used blacks and browns again to add shadows into the blood, slit, and around the staples. I again used white body paint to highlight.

Step 9: Mouth

I used that peach color to fill in the lips and gums.

Step 10: Shadows

I used red and black again to add shadows.

Step 11: Teeth

I used white to fill in the teeth, and back to fill in the rest. I also used a detail brush to go around the teeth.

Step 12: Shadows

Even MORE shadows

Step 13: Repeating Steps Again

I used silver again and added it to the end of the mouth to make it look like it's being pulled.

Step 14: More Shadows and Pull Marks

AGAIN I'm using browns and blacks to add more shadows and pull marks, be sure to shadow around the staples.

Step 15: Blood

I did the same thing I did on the head on the blood coming out of the mouth.

Step 16: Body

I used white for the shirt, then used some red for the blood on the shirt.



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    I see you posted another one. And again superb work. You make them look 3D and that is because you pay attention to colors, shading and such. I have to ask a few more questions. First, where do you get your inspirations from? Second how long does a typical paint project take to both prepare and paint? I know we see the video, but I know it takes a lot more time then the video shows. And third, do you draw out your paint schemes to have a go-by during the actual painting effort?

    Well it can take anywhere between 2 to 7 hrs of prep and painting (not including clean up or video edits that would be another 2 to 5 hrs). Sometimes even longer. I only sometimes sketch it out, sometimes I just wing it, but I do almost always have a reference photo of some kind. If it's a character from a video game for instance I will just look that character up and have it on my computer screen while I paint.. but sometimes if I have an idea that i'm not sure how to make I'll sketch it out, and yes sometimes I do just start painting without any picture or sketch. lol. For inspiration? It's normally whatever I'm feeling or maybe sometime waht i'm into.. Movie, games, cartoons, books, ect. Sometimes I just take my subscribers ideas and make my own because I get excited when someone has an idea for me. lol. I sometimes don't know where my inspiration comes from, it will just pop into my head.

    Wow, that's fantastic artistry! Great work!

    That's amazing !! So scary! Thanks for this cool tutorial. :)