A tactical sniper rifle that bares some resembelence to the m21 from cod,
Features in general: very ergonomic design(fits right into your hand and very comfortable). Trigger guard, good iron sight and well ballenced(not to front or back heavy). Is aestheticaly pleasing(looks cool)
Additional features include: an ajustable butt, removeable scope, removable mag, and a fold-away bi pod with pin release mechanism. 
Ive had alot of criticism about not showing people how to make my guns, so this time im going to make an actual instructible for this gun. I will explain more about the gun when i make the instructible. Also i forgot to mention that ive invented a new type of safety mode for the trigger, i call it : smart lock. To lock the trigger, pull down hard on the trigger. that will put the safty on, then when you want to take the safety off, all you do is tilt the gun upwards then pull the trigger agein and it will be unlocked  and the trigger will move freely agein, i dont think anyone has done this yet.

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Scar H from CoD<br />
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Very cool. 4.5 stars.<br />
Out of all the comments ive got on this ible 90 percent of them i got today lol.<br />
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from cod<br />
M1 Garand from CoD<br />
KAR98k from&nbsp;CoD.<br />
Type 100 from&nbsp;CoD.<br />
Thompson SMG from CODWAW<br />
MP40 from&nbsp;COD.<br />
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&quot;From cod&quot;.<br />
mini uzi from cod<br />
barret 50 cal from cod<br />
intervention from cod<br />
ump45 from cod<br />
ak 47&nbsp; from cod<br />
f2000 from cod<br />
M16a4 from cod<br />
FAL from cod<br />
TAR21 from cod<br />
FAMAS from CoD<br />
M4 from Cod<br />
Thanks everyone for commenting and rating!!!!<br />
nice, detachable: stock + mag + bipod + scope!<br />
Yes and thats only the standard ones, because they are interchangeable you can customise your gun, DJ radio suggested i make a knex sayer stock, when i make the instructible there will be other ones.<br />
Ok, cool, I'll build if you make an instructable<br />
i likey!<br />
Hahaha thanks, im actualy making an instructible on this one!!!<br />
no problem! i might make one...<br />
Good luck with the 'ible, I tried one once but couldn't upload the pictures for some reason.
looks awesome does it shoot?<br /> <br />
Yes it shoots!!! 50-60 ft<br />
Looks cool for a showgun. &nbsp;It would look better with a knexsayer-like stock.<br />
Thanks, Funny you should mention the stock, its ajustable and is held in by a pin,(all you have to do is pull it out and you can put whatever you want on the end of it). I have inter changeable stocks and scopes for it wich im going to feature in my actual instructible, thanks for mentioning that lol, i was going to keep that a secret, you seem to have read my mind!<br />
nice 4*
Please comment and rate!!<br />
&nbsp;Im commenting and rating!!
nice!<br />

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