This paper plane is, as the name states, insanely fast. At least, it is if you throw it right. It's made in almost the same way as my stunt plane, but don't be fooled, if you make it right, it'll only ever go straight. This project needs only one sheet of foolscap (A4) paper.

Step 1: Step 1, the Base

The base for this plane is exactly the same as my stunt plane.
Step 1. Fold the top-left corner down, as if making a square.
Step 2. Do the same thing on the other top corner.
Step 3.Turn the paper over.
Step 4. Fold the paper horizontally so that the edge of the paper reaches the ends of the creases made in steps 1 & 2.
turn the paper over again and press the middle of the lines and then bring up the corners so it forms something resembling a triangle.
Note: If you're having trouble understanding this, try searching 'waterbomb base' on Google. This base is a bit like that, only it's not square.

You're done!
<p>HEY!! I'm stuck on the step 2 of step 2 (the actual plane). How do you do it? I don't understand like 'a dart' as I haven't ever made a dart. :-C . I'm stuck here :-</p>
<p>that is cooll</p>
<p>the instructions are way to hard to under stand</p>
<p>I know I can only understand the first 3 steps</p>
<p>I made this for a school airplane contest and it worked perfect! I got first place!!! Thanks again,</p><p>Somebody</p>
<p>what up everybody</p>
hard to understand instructions :(
Terribly sorry. I've updated the instructions a bit, as I did this a while ago. Hopefully this'll help.
The instructions are way to hard I was lose at step 3
It can be quite difficult to follow, as it's quite a complex procedure. I may not have explained it perfectly here, so you could try googling 'Waterbomb base'. It's the same start as many origami models, but with this model, you start with an A4 sheet rather than a square.
This is a good plane but it does swirl a lot.
i think this plane is really awesome but my arm is in a cast and its kinda hard to make paper airplanes with one hand. : ( <br>
but i'll try! <br>
I found it not so fast because it dipends on how you throw it.
This is a very nice plane, better than most I have made. It's always nice to take a break from work and play with paper planes ;)<br />
this is way to HARD! PLEASE HELP<br />
If you're having real trouble, search 'Waterbomb Base' on Google. It may tell you to use a square or cut the bottom off, but on this plane, don't.
too fast plane but nice
Its awsome!! it flew so fast that my sis cant even catch it ! ,lol :)
awesome plane, although if its called a viper then why not call the instructable a viper?
Well... I&nbsp;just thought that this name would better describe what it really is. Thanks for the compliment!
soooooooo fastttttttttt<br />
this plane is a slow poke
Nice plane. I lift up the back "tails" so it glides longer.
I tried that. it didn't work for me, but if it works for you, great! Thanks
your plane rocks the house down it goes really fast and strait
what does it mean on step two?.. Step 2. fold the edges in like you would a simple dart.
oh, the simple dart is, as the mane states, a really simple dart. Basically, just fold the edges in so that the top of the paper forms an angle and the corners meet about 1/3 down the page.
this plane rox
this is good but i wudnt call it fast=)<br/>
i put this plane in my K'Nex Crossbow and when i fired it, it nearly hit my mum! <em>oops</em> lol<br/>
Very nice airplane that flies accurately and quickly, a truly deadly (and fun) combination
i CANT stop THROWING it at my dog to see her run lol<br/><br/><strong>IM JOKING!</strong> <strong>SOOOOO FUN!</strong> <br/><br/>I CANT PUT IT DOWN ITS SOOO FAST<br/>
i even memorised it really easily! i can make em reli quick 2 only problem is the folding i can never fold perfectly but nothings perfect
yeah, folding the fuselage at the front properly is really hard, but even if you don't, the plane still flies well
yes, I thought you might like it....
A little late, aren't we? There's no video either.
Firstly, a little late for what? and secondly, i tried to put a video in but my PC stuffed up

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