Introduction: Antbo: Insect Robot Anyone Can Build

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Antbo is $59 an affordable, easy to assemble and fun to explore robot.

Step 1: Robot Assembling

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Antbo takes less than an hour to assemble.

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Step 2: Done

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Finish the robot, and put 4 AAA batteries on it.

Step 3: Exploration Mode

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Antbo can perceive and explore his surrounding environment by using his neuronic system to think and react to stimulus.

Step 4: Remote Control

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Control Antbo with your smartphone and make him do amazing things! Antbo can play golf using path control mode. Get your friends over to play some robot golf!

Step 5: Coding Robot

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Antbo is programmable.He can enhances your programming mind. Use a range of programming platforms like Scratch to hack Antbo and make him truly unique!

Step 6: Melty Antbo

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If you add a temperature sensor expansion to Antbo he will sense changes in ambient temperature. He will warn you when the temperature is too high for him and try to find somewhere cooler!

Step 7: Robot Bowling

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Program Antbo to search for a target and when he finds it he will knock it down! Get some fun with Lego or other toys as targets!

Step 8: Customizable

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Paint your own patterns on Antbo’s shell and make him your own.

Step 9: This Is Antbo

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wold630 (author)2016-04-27

Fun robot, how much does it cost?

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