Picture of Inside Door face lift
change a your inside kitchen door from generic to stylish farm house style for under 40 bucks
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Step 1: Re-skining the door

Picture of re-skining the door
you will need liquid nail, nail gun, 4x8 1/4 wood panel I bought it for 14 bucks. two work tables really helps with assembly.

Step 2: Cutting panels.

Picture of cutting panels.
since this door had beveled in lays I cut my outside boards 6 inches by the door length its important make the out side of you door first this will give you the base for the inner panels

Step 3: Cut and glue and nail

Picture of cut and glue and nail
since the doors are thin use the panels in place nail gun 3/4 inch are all you need. the outer door edges are solid but inner core is hollow so make sure when nailing you use this to your advantage.

Step 4: Inside panels

Picture of inside panels
each panel need to be sanded to give the edges that beveled look during the look of each board on the inside is it that barn door look also you can make mistakes and just adds a more rustic feel to the door

Step 5: Finishing the door

Picture of finishing the door
Finishing the door becomes something of taste I used a homemade chalk paint along with a robe on glaze to finish the door hope you like my very first instructable enjoy your new door for less than 40 bucks I did two doors to be honest

This is really neat, definitely a good way to revamp a room. Thanks for sharing!

tofugami11 months ago
I don't have a kitchen door but this is cute.
bhunsaker (author)  tofugami11 months ago
thanks it can really apply to any inside door.