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Inside-Outside turning is a process in which 2 or more blocks of wood are glued together with craft paper (or newspaper) between each joint so that you can split them apart easily. Then once they are glued, the piece gets turned to a specific shape, sanded and finished. Then the glued up blank is split apart with a chisel and each block is turned 180 deg and permanently glued without the craft paper, re-mounted on the lathe and finish turned.

Follow along and I'll show you how I made this inside-outside vase with maple on my lathe.

Step 1: Gather your materials

Picture of Gather your materials
I found a nice long stick of maple. I cut 4 blanks 1"x1"x9". These need to be square on all four edges. This required me to cut all sides of the blocks on the table-saw to ensure square.
Moving on...
pbrown351 year ago

What a great project will have to have a go at this when my lathe skills improve and have alathe chuck for my lathe AWERSOM

"it's a trap!" lol
That's it, I'm buying a lathe. lol. Great job, very classy looking.
ha! Don't do it... It will consume all your extra time and money!!! lol JK I love mine... you won't be sorry!!!
BIVS20002 years ago
How would I go about doing that? Would be the first time I tried to send a pic through Instructables.
SlickSqueegie (author)  BIVS20002 years ago
There is an add image button at the bottom of this comment window.
I'll give it a try!
gwatson62 years ago
Hey slicksqueegie im 14 and just got a wood lathe about 3 months ago. Ive gotten pretty good with it because my grandpa helps me, but neither of us know how to do experienced level stuff do you have any tips because you definitely know what your doing
SlickSqueegie (author)  gwatson62 years ago
Check your messages. I'm still new to it, but will offer any tips my brain holds.
doctorkred2 years ago
Muy bonito, me ha gustado mucho.
Very nice, I liked it.
SlickSqueegie (author)  doctorkred2 years ago
Thank you.
ldubia2 years ago
I love doing these but they can be tricky if not done carefully. You obviously have had some practice doing these. Nicely done.
SlickSqueegie (author)  ldubia2 years ago
lol yes, it was my third attempt and first one that wasn't a big fat fail! lol
shazni2 years ago
Absolutely beautiful! How in the world do u manage to get the corners like you did without it becomming a circular... Do you stop and carve separately?
SlickSqueegie (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thanks. yes, it was turned twice.
SlickSqueegie (author) 2 years ago
they are quite fun :)
Well, lemme see it :)
Awesome :)
Did you give a thought on the Idea I gave you over message? just curious.
SlickSqueegie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
Thank you Tarun,
I did look at it. It would be a cool project but, I really don't know where to begin on making it. I could do the mug without issue, but the little box attached to it would prove to be difficult (at least to me) lol
Can you create two separate pieces and join them using glue. Just a wild guess.
SlickSqueegie (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya2 years ago
Yes you can do this, I'm not saying I couldn't do a crude version. but I work with wood and liquids and wood do not mix well.
Maybe I could do a desk pencil holder and sticky note dispenser. :)
HollyMann2 years ago
Beautiful as usual!!! :) Very unique!
SlickSqueegie (author)  HollyMann2 years ago
Thank you again Holly!
very nice...i have turned an inside heart out of cedar...l
SlickSqueegie (author)  jimmitchell19432 years ago
Thank you, I'll bet its gorgeous.
Douwe 662 years ago
Turned out very nice!

One thing I would try, is make the first shape (that later becomes the inside) not symmetric, because the vase is also not symmetric. Now it looks a little odd at the top.
SlickSqueegie (author)  Douwe 662 years ago
Agreed! This was my third attempt at these. The first two were fails. But yes the next ones will be tweaked a bit more. I'm going to try to make Christmas orniments this way. Need more practice!
vdvoort2 years ago
beautiful and actually quite 'simple'
SlickSqueegie (author)  vdvoort2 years ago
It's actually very simple, but silly little things can really mess it up early on. The toughest part is ensuring the glue ups are straight and square without slipping.
spider872 years ago
Very cool!
SlickSqueegie (author)  spider872 years ago
spyder20212 years ago
SlickSqueegie (author)  spyder20212 years ago