Inside to Outside Lawn Chair





Introduction: Inside to Outside Lawn Chair

Turned a ratty old chair into a great lawn chair!

Step 1: Ratty Old Chair

Aquire an old chair.

Step 2: Naked Old Chair

Remove old torn cushions.

Step 3: Old Chair Anew

Using cedar fence boards.
-Cut each board to 22". (Fit the best at that size in between hand rests). Rounded all rough edges with a router and sanded by hand.
-Holes drilled through boards and chair frame. Used 1/4" carriage nuts and bolts to assemble everything. Drilled slightly larger holes for an easier fit.
-Same was done for the hand rests, except used a bandsaw to give them a better shape.

Step 4: Finnished

Sit outside and enjoy! Chair swivels and rocks. Also reclines.



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    I've had this chair on my porch for a while. I love its bones!

    great recycle well done

    fantastic idea! way to recycle.


    Nice !

    First time using cedar too. Not sure if they need to be treated. I don't think so since they are used for decks and patios often.

    Excellent. Wish I hadn't thrown out my 'ratty old chair'.

    Love the chair remodel. I use cedar fence boards all the time. Once sanded they are great boards for cheap.

    did you treat the cedar w anything?? I'm new to wood working!!

    A clever way to repurpose a chair that would surely end up at the dump. Excellent job!