I came across this same  idea which someone used  a cut down apple picking ladder .
So i decided to make one for our laundry room.
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Step 1: Rack dimension Illistration

Picture of rack dimension  Illistration

Step 2: Building the rack

Picture of Building the rack
1st- I bought a 1x8x8 pine board.I  I then cut it to 4 foot long.

2nd- I then ripped  2 boards 3 1/2 inches wide by 4 foot long on the table saw.

3rd- I put the 2 boards together and marked out 3 inches on center of the board  for the 1st and 6th dowel  on each end .Then 7 inches on center  for the remaining 4 dowels.

4th- I then used a 1/2 inch drill and drilled all 6 holes.

5th- Next i cut 6   1/2 inch dowels 18 inch long and glued the ends and fitted them in the holes.

Step 3: Edges

Picture of edges
1st- I used a router and a 45 degree router bit to chamfer  all the edges.

2nd- Sand smooth the entire  rack  and put a coat of paint on it.

Step 4: Accessories

Picture of Accessories
 (4)  screw eyes
 (4) pieces of  # 6 chain 5 inches long
(4) 3/16 x2 inch  toggle bolts.

Step 5: Screw eyes

Picture of screw eyes
I measured in on all 4 sides 2 inches . Then screwed in the 4  screw eyes.

Step 6: Toggle bolts

Picture of toggle bolts
Ist -  I first measured out from the wall 5 inches from each corner.The 18 inches out from there .

2nd-  I drilled ( 4) 1/2  holes for the toggles bolts

3rd- I then cut (4)  5 inch long pieces of chain  and installed the toggles bolts in the holes and tightened them up.

4th- Hook the chain to the screw eyes and your finished and ready to hang clothes up to dry..

Step 7: Finished

Picture of Finished
Nice but you should use a pulley system so it can be lowered down and then pulled all the way up to the ceiling where is warmest..the old school cast iron + wood racks had it like that 100 years ago
Phil B2 years ago
Nicely done. This should be very handy for hanging clothes you do not want to wrinkle as they come out of the dryer. I assume that is what you do with the rack.
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  Phil B2 years ago
Yes thats exacly what she wanted it for
Happy wife, happy life!
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  Phil B2 years ago
So I hear lol
Neat! you could hang it over a wood stove and it wood be more efficient than the ones that sit beside it.
coolbeansbaby68 (author)  camping crazy2 years ago
Yes that would be a good idea to