Introduction: Inspection of a Ptc Relay.

Picture of Inspection of a Ptc Relay.

This starter relay is from my fridge. I replaced it with a 3 in 1 hard start kit but afterwards I realized the oem ptc relay was perfectly fine. The fridge compressor it seems is getting senile at 12 years old. Anyhoo, I will keep this ptc relay as a spare but if the fridge craps out I'm gonna invest in an inverter model.

Let's take a look inside a ptc relay!

Step 1: Opening Up.

Picture of Opening Up.

I squeezed the plastic clips holding the case together and now the relay can be opened.

Step 2: The Insides.

Picture of The Insides.

Basically a ceramic disc held by 2 spring clamps. Nothing magical here. The disc looks in good condition.

Step 3: Reassembly.

Picture of Reassembly.

Once reassembled I put away this ptc relay in storage for a possible future use.


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