Hey Everyone ... i will try to share with you this project, i love reading inspirational stories and quotes, so i decided to make a poster with them, with a little twist. what i did is making the quotes lighten up in a random fashion, 1-3 lines at a time, the quotes will be fading in and out. I used arduino to accomplish that.

( harry potter voice on the baggrund :))

Step 1: What Will You Need ?

I tried to keep this project as cheaap as possible, and as green as possible, so i used led's in stead of fluorescent light or led stribes. all the component was purshased from ebay. The sheet of acrylic was bought second hand, and the wood was free, trown away.

you need :

The frame :

  1. - Some wood.
  2. - A plexie glas ( polycarbonate sheet) 2.5mm thick, depanding on how big your poster is, mine was  70 x 120 cm.
  3. - a printed laminate, same size as your sheet

The hardware :

  1. - 3mm or 5mm bright white LEDs Led's .. a lot of these, depanding on how big you poster is, i needed 1000 of these ( 27 USD from ebay )
  2. - BC238  transistors ( NPN ), you need as much transistors as your quotes + 1 .. so i had 22 quotes, and then i needed 23 transistors
  3. - resisatens, depanding again on your power source and how many led's you have, i needed 82 Ohm, and 1010 of these ( look at the hardware step to see how o calculate the values )
  4. 3 Demultiplexers, i used 74LS138. again every one of these can only drive 8 channels, so depanding on how many quotes you have and devide by 8 ( from ebay ).
  5. power source. mine is 5 V and 2 A.
  6. - assorted wire (I suggest 26 AWG stranded wire with Teflon insulation)
  7. - solder
  8. - solder flux
  9. - Kapton tape (or masking tape in a pinch)
And :

  1. A lot of patiance ! and some soldering skills
  2. tools as needed for cutting wood stuff.

nice! this inspires me to make more quotes in my languange like <a href="http://www.tagalogquotesandjokes.com/" rel="nofollow">tagalog love quotes</a>. Great job! :)
This is a really cool idea, nicely done!
wow love it i like qutes two i have a printed page full of them what your favorte mine is if there is a dream there is hope if there is hope anything is possible by well me i wrote it after reading a bunch of qutes

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