Picture of Inspired Wooden Plague Doctor Mask
Well as you can tell from the title, my mastery of words isn't the best. I need to come up with a better title. Anyway, to the point at hand, I'm going to teach you how to create a wooden mask that looks similar to this. Wearable art to hang on your wall! It's the mask pictured here, and also the one that I am wearing in my profile picture, just as evidence to show you can indeed wear this mask!

Let me warn you, when I made this mask, I was a complete novice at woodworking, so if you feel I'm missing something, please add it in the comments! This does not have an oil finish on it either, but when you add the oil it will add a whole new dimension to your finished piece. But be careful, oil soaked rags can burst into flame, so soak them in water after you're done and then dry them flat without them touching one another.

This will involve wood, saw dust, glue, clamps and other things that are not easy to deal with, so I don't recommend this as a kid-friendly project.
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Oh here's the part everyone loves and hates. The supplies! Now this project can be done as cheaply or as expensive as you like. You're going to need:

*Wood Glue
*Wood of your choice. (The wood that I picked from my collection is called Wenge and Mahogany, even though I started off with Bloodwood instead.)
*Jigsaw or Bandsaw, preferably the latter
* Vice (optional)
*Dremel OR Right Angle Diegrinder and Liner Die Grinder. You need one or the grinders for this project, and if you pick the diegrinders, then you need an air compressor.
*Sand paper, grits from 80 to 220.
*Newspaper, bubble wrap, or some scrap paper
*Thick cardstock or cardboard
*Safety Goggles
*Safety Respirator
*Hearing Protection

NOTE ABOUT SAFETY:  Saw dust can be very dangerous. Once you breathe it in, it stays in your lungs and just sits there forever. You absolutely need a respirator for this project and try to get one with a filter on it. They're about six dollars at your local hardware store and are worth the investment. The same goes for eye protection. You only have two eyes and you need to protect those suckers.

WOOD: Man I love these notes, don't I? Well, each wood has different properties to them, especially the exotic ones. They're beautiful and achieve wonderful finishes, but they're usually poisonous. All sawdust is dangerous for you to breathe in, but Wenge, the wood I used for this project is especially bad. Be careful when handling the wood, it splinters easily and when you get stuck, remove the splinters
immediately. They will fester and go septic which is not good for you. If you feel unsafe working with Wenge, pick a different wood. another darker wood will work just as well.
WilsonR made it!7 months ago

Great job!!! I made mine and took it a little further with the Steampunk theme but I love yours!! I used Walnut and Ash for my woods. Thanks again for the inspiration!!

zogsvengali2 years ago
I love it!
I like this alot
studleylee2 years ago
VeryVery Cool!!!
JimiRo2 years ago
This is wonderful, I love it. I was watching Ghost Adventures on TV and they were in Italy at this island haunted by plague victims and they had a "Plague Doctor Mask" and talked about how it worked, with the various herbs stuffed inside of the nose piece to filter the air. The original gas mask? Anyway these things couldn't have been made to look any creepier than they do, especially complete with the black, full-body robe. It looks like they made them to scare the germs away! When I saw it the first time I thought about making one then.
Glad to see other, more motivated, weirdos out there. Keep up the great work!
Where do you get the exotic woods?
MissLead (author)  JimiRo2 years ago
I bought the woods at my local wood supplier. You can't buy Wenge or Mahogany at your home depot or lowes, so I had to go to a store that deals specifically with wood. They're not that uncommon and I found one fifteen minutes from where I live
Thats fantastic and beautiful in a kinda creepy way :) I love it, :)
MissLead (author)  Pixie Puddle2 years ago
Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)
This is amazing! You should enter it into the Scoochmaroo Mask Challenge!
MissLead (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
Thanks! I think I will if it qualifies!