Introduction: Insta Cake in a Mug

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Step 1: Materials

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1 box of angel food cake, 1 box of any flavor cake you desire, a mug, a tablespoon, a air-tight container, and a microwave(of coarse).

Step 2: Mixing

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1:Mix Angel food and the flavored cake mix in a bowl stir till completely mixed. 2: Put into airtight container and store until craving deliciousness.

Step 3: Making the Cake

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1: Put 3 tbsp. of the mix into a mug. 2: Put 2 tbsp. of water into the mug 3: Mix till its texture is consistent. 4: Place in a micro wave for exactly 1 minute. 5: Let cool.

Step 4:

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Add toppings if you would like. Just as good without


shirry berken (author)2014-02-07

ym ym dillishais good ya!!!!!!

tbirdpalmore (author)2013-08-01

They are really good if u use chocolate fudge with the angel cake and for a topping powdered sugar!!!

owlplaylist (author)2013-07-29

:D so cool

zamrin (author)2013-07-26


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