In this video I will demonstrate how to make a Instant cloud in a bottle.

List of Items you will need-



Isopropyl alcohol/ Rubbing alcohol

Bike inner tube valve

Foot pump

<p>I did this with ethanol and then I ignited it... Haha...</p>
<p>I did this with my 2nd grade science last year.</p><p>You don't need the alcohol.</p><p>Materials:</p><p>Very cold water</p><p>4 feet of 3/8&quot; nylon reinforced hose</p><p>Rubber stopper</p><p>(2) 3/8&quot; brass coupler.</p><p>Assembly</p><p>Bicycle pump with pressure gauge.</p><p>Step A: with a 3/8&quot; drill (bit) drill a hole through the rubber stopper.</p><p>Step B: Press one end of the brass coupler into the rubber stopper.</p><p>Step C: Press the other end of the brass coupler.</p><p>Step D: On the open end of the hose, press in the other brass coupler.</p><p>Demonstration Time</p><p>Step 1. In a 2 liter bottle, add 3 to 4 ounces of very cold (35-45 degrees) water.</p><p>Step 2. Attach the hose to the bicycle pump.</p><p>Step 3. Press the stopper end down on the two liter bottle.</p><p>Step 4. Pump to 30lbs PSI.</p><p>Step 5. Release the pressure. Fog/Cloud will appear.</p>
see the video
<p>might you be able to use this as a cloud chamber to observe particle tracks, you would need to have the bottle in the state where it is just about to form a cloud but nucleation sites are lacking.</p>
Yeah, i think Here's something wrong. Only titel Step 1 after that.
<p>there are no directions. just a list of items.</p>

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