InstaMorph & Craft Foam Stamps




Introduction: InstaMorph & Craft Foam Stamps

YuKonstruct hosted an InstaMorph Instructables Build Night in April.

We had lots of fun experimenting with the thermoplastic at the Build Night and came up with this easy project.

You will need:
-Craft foam
-Hot water
-Glue (unless you are using adhesive backed craft foam)

Step 1: Mold the Moldable Plastic

Follow the InstaMorph package instructions.

Heat water to 60°C.
Add InstaMorph pellets and stir them.
When the InstaMorph turns clear and sticks together, carefully remove it.
Shape it with your hands when it is cool enough to touch.

Mold the InstaMorph into the shape of a funky stamp handle.

Step 2: Add Foam

Cut your desired stamp shapes out of the craft foam.

Stick the foam to the InstaMorph stamp handle with glue.

Step 3: Stamp Away!

Use your new stamps to decorate your next project.
Have fun!



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