This is my first try with InstaMorph. I had an old car mount and decided to give it a try. Hope you like it. InstaMorph are clear pellets that melt in 160 degree water. After melting you can mold it into any shape you desire, and if you make a mistake... Melt it over and over. I made this out of 4 pieces. I never liked the generic cell mounts, so here you have it. Custom HTC Sensation car mount, and It fits like a glove for under $10 on amazon. I didn't even use one quarter of container.
jgomes4 (author) 3 years ago
I painted it with black plastic paint, but it comes off. Oh well.
if you get some charcoal and grind it into powder you can mix it into the hot plastic and dye it black
jgomes4 (author)  somebullcrap3 years ago
I will try that. Thanks!