InstaMorph Non-marring Hammer





Introduction: InstaMorph Non-marring Hammer

Sometimes you need to take a more delicate approach when you're trying to bend some contraption to your will by punishing it with a hammer...

InstaMorph to the rescue!

Instructables sponsored a Build Night at Urban Workshop, and supplied us with InstaMorph to play with -- this is one of the ideas we came up with ;-)

Step 1: Supplies

A piece of InstaMorph sheet (see Making Flat InstaMorph Sheets) works well for wrapping the hammer head.

Step 2: Covering the Hammer Head

Place the InstaMorph sheet in hot water until it starts to turn transparent, then remove.

Put the hammer head on the center of the sheet, then fold up the edges of the sheet around the head.

Wait until the InstaMorph has cooled (turned solid white).

Thump that contraption!



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    Your little hammer hat is beautiful!

    There once was an itty bitty ball peen hammer that looked just like that, only in miniature and another wrapped in old shoe leather. Everyone laughed and called them the "ugly hammer hats" but eventually all saw inner the beauty of the hammer hats and now they just call them "hammer hats". Except the one artist dude who, of course, has felt, leather and rubber "fancy" hammer hats.