Picture of InstaWall
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Here is one idea for wall decoration with your Instagram photos.

All you need for this is:

  1. Instagram photos
  2. InkJet printer
  3. Some photo editor (I am using CorelDraw X4)
  4. Decorative wall nails
  5. paper shears
  6. photo sticers

Step 1: Downloading your instagram photos

Picture of Downloading your instagram photos
Screenshot 2014-03-03 18.54.17.png
Screenshot 2014-03-03 18.54.41.png
Screenshot 2014-03-03 18.54.47.png
Screenshot 2014-03-03 18.55.36.png

Go to www.instaport.me

Sign in with your account

Choose your photos for downloading(I`m using all my photos)

Then click on download photos

then Download Only


This is a great idea for bringing your digital images into real life. What fun decorations!

Thank You!