Picture of Instagram Inspired DIY Photo-Booth
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I decided to build a simple photo-booth as a fun addition for events, this goes through the basic steps of how i went from a few pieces of wood to a fully functional booth. I have also included a photo of what the images look like! 

Please note that this photo-booth is simply a fan project. The photobooth is NOT endorsed by Instagram, and is NOT for sale! 
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Step 1: Cutting Wood

Picture of Cutting Wood
Photo 23-01-2013 18 08 34.jpg
Square sheet of MDF, 600mm x 600mm with a Red Dome Push Button recessed at the bottom. 

Step 2: Access Holes

Picture of Access Holes
Holes were then cut out for camera lens and tv monitor. 

Step 3: Monitor Trim

Picture of Monitor Trim
Photo 24-01-2013 16 37 56.jpg
A wooden frame was then fitted to surround the hole for the tv to add depth.

Step 4: Rounding Edges

Picture of Rounding Edges
Corners were then curved using a jigsaw.

Step 5: Fitting Sides

Picture of Fitting Sides
Sides were then cut just short of where the corners start to bend. Screws and 90 degree brackets temporarily attached them to the back piece.

Step 6: Building Corners

Picture of Building Corners
Photo 25-01-2013 11 28 16.jpg
The rounded corners were made from short strips of wood, glued to form the rough shape of the corner. These were also temporarily screwed and attached using 90 degree brackets while the glue dried. 

Step 7: Rounding Corners

Picture of Rounding Corners
Photo 28-01-2013 16 46 57.jpg
Once the glue had dried on the rough corners, they were shaped using a wood plane and sander.

Step 8: Added Details

Picture of Added Details
A recessed section was made on the front right, simply to add depth and additional detailing. 

Step 9: Flash Holes

Picture of Flash Holes
Photo 28-01-2013 20 48 51.jpg
Holes were then cut to contain the 3 45mm seven segment displays, and two larger holes at the top for the flash guns.

Step 10: Shell Finished

Picture of Shell Finished
The two holes for the flash guns were covered on the back with a hard translucent plastic to seal the unit and diffuse the light passing through, reducing the harshness of the light. 

Step 11: Electronics

Picture of Electronics
Photo 18-01-2013 17 06 59.jpg
Photo 16-01-2013 18 23 32.jpg
Photo 16-01-2013 19 10 34.jpg
Wires were attached to each of the 7 segment displays, these were then covered using heat shrink and the 9 wires coming out of each 7 segment was then bound together using larger heat shrink to keep everything tidy. 

Step 12: The PCB

Picture of The PCB
Photo 19-01-2013 02 35 42.jpg
Photo 19-01-2013 01 15 53.jpg
There was a total of 28 transistors, 29 resistors a few meters of red/black wire. 
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davidandora2 years ago
Top notch work! (and a really great instructable). This is one of the very best all- in one photobooth setups I've ever seen, and I work in the event industry. So cute and inviting. Your design and construction is just fantastic! A+

Seems the OP is not responding to a lot of questions posted here in the comment section. Can we send him an email instead?

irakim8 months ago

this is very creative & i want to try it...however, i am just wondering about the image of the camera..would you get in trouble if your copying the icon of instragram?? please let me know coz im very excited to start building this.

I was thinking the same thing. Just have to be creative and make it your own. You don't necessarily have to stick to the instagram branding.

olefahnoe2 months ago


this is my version for your great Photo Booth

SelfieBox på stativ.jpg

Hi! Where did you buy your tripod support? Is that a light stand tripod? A link to the product would be nice. I'm looking all over for some type of tripod support.

I used a speaker stand and mount

Not just this one, bur one like it.

But speaker mount and stand

prunge3 months ago

My version with a touch screen and barrel flash with constant light.


Hi. it looks very well put together. I'm trying to build one myself. What tripod did you buy to support the weight of the booth?

vishcolor prunge2 months ago
How are you attaching the light stand which party you used and where u bought it from
General_Zod2 months ago

This is a stellar project! Very cool. Can you please provide the Arduino code? Cheers!

krogers17 made it!7 months ago

thank you for the Great Instruction. Mine is not that perfect as yours, congrats to the high quality work, but we have upgraded it with a direct photo printout on the back. That was quite positively mentioned by the guests.

Hi Rogers. Just like to check if u also do custom built for other. Also can you share your desing internal how to designed for prayer etc.
Hey there,

thank you for your interest. I can post some pictures and detailed comments if you wish to have.
The most problematic point that can prevent building custom style was the fact that I have used a notebook placed inside. This uses a licensed software that needs to be purchased after 30 days. It was good enough for my use, just one wedding, but makes it more expensive (if I remember correctly it was round about 300$).
If this and shipping from Germany wouldn't be a problem, I could do it of course ;)
I Try to take some detailed pics and post them.
kind regards, Kevin
Can you tell how did u attached the booth in tripod stand. Which part u used and when you bought it. I mean the mount which connects The booth and the light stand
Do u have Skype or other pm?
Mjvlisa krogers173 months ago
Hi can you kindly help in providing dimensions / sizes detailed specs cutting the box
krogers17 Mjvlisa3 months ago
Hey There,
I just added my design drafts for you. The rest was done on the object ;)
Mjvlisa krogers173 months ago
Thank you for your kind help. Would you be so kind to email me the attachment to I can't view it clearly in your message. Thank you
kosstep krogers176 months ago

Can you tell me, what printer did you use???

jkhoang3 months ago

Sorry if someone has asked and you have answered previously... but can you tell me what light stand you used and what attachment is needed to connect the light stand to the bottom of the box? Thanks much!

Agreed. If you post it, you gotta provide the Arduino code.

rockinsugar6 months ago

It is cool. But how do we connect the camera to the screen? and the people can looks at the screen when they pose

krogers176 months ago
I used a Canon Selfie. It is very small and the pictures are finished within 15 seconds. Just cutout the slot for the paperbank.
kosstep6 months ago


Very cool =)) Good idea!

I saw a small devise like on the photo. May be know what printer do they use?? It's like polaroid camera and printing on the papper and it's very small, can't find... which one I can use...

maubau16 months ago

Could be interesting to use UDOO to have the possibility to send directly the pictures to Instagram and add some particular effects and text.

lsalazar610 months ago
How much did it cost for everything?
antennas1 year ago
Great idea and execution Alex. Can you print the photos from this right on the spot?

It looks like it's been about 10 months. Has a decision been made as to whether or not to post the code?

mass371 year ago
This is awesome! You must be making big bucks renting this out for weddings
hi! great invention! can you please tell me how people displayed on the monitor, as a mirror or as is?
gnolasco1 year ago
This is awesome! What did you use to create the camera lens in front of the box? Thanks.
djsfantasi1 year ago
Great instructable. However for readers of the article, search for other resources in addition with regard to soldering techniques.
BOHtiki1 year ago
Awesome... Thanks so much for sharing ! LOL, Best use I can think of for my otherwise useless SB-900's !
colincliff1 year ago
This looks amazing. Is your camera connected to the TV via HDMI? how do you get the D3200 to automatically stay in Live View mode without having to press the button on the back? When I have attempted this in the past the camera drops out of Live View mode after each shot.
nudatech1 year ago
Your project has been featured in the article: "20 Arduino projects of 2013".
Rudz1 year ago
Mostly finished with mine based on your design. Thanks for sharing!
Photo Jul 07, 9 27 17 AM.jpgPhoto Jul 07, 12 56 54 PM.jpg
funkytaco1 year ago
First of all, Alex, it looks great. But, this isn't much of an Instructable. It basically shows you how to make a rounded box and has a parts list for a photo booth. It's not even a good parts list at that. Plus, no code, no schematics, no equipment list, no true parts or suppliers list.
Can anyone out there help with the code for this? It's AWESOME!
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