For Father's Day this year my wife got a bunch of my instagram pictures printed through instaprint. I love them and had been wanting some more pictures for my office. The question I was left with was how to display these pictures so that it looks good and so the pictures were really easy to change so I could update them regularly. I saw a picture online where someone had hung pictures from board using clips - I thought "I can easily to that".

Step 1: Materials and Cost

For this project I really only need a few materials:
1. Some board to hang the pictures on - I had a few pieces of pine just sitting in the garage. Make sure that the board is wide enough to accommodate the picture and the hook. Mine were 6" which was perfect - the pictures take up most of the space.

2. Some bulldog style clips. I got a box of 36 for about $9 from Amazon

3. Small screws - to attach the clips to the boards. I had a handful in the random screws I've collected over the years.

4. Stain or paint - while this is technically optional it is a low cost thing to make the project have that finished look. Most of the wood in my office is stained dark walnut, so I went to Lowes and picked up a $5 can of Minwax for the job.
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Down comes my ugly cork board up goes this! I can line these up on walls and it won't have that cluttered look!! I'll submit my pix to you.
sweet work
That's so cute!

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