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Se enseñara paso a paso como instalar los controladores (drivers) necesarios para el correcto funcionamiento del programador USBasp para microcontroladores AVR.

Primero, mencionaremos algunas consideraciones para evitar fallos por usos indebidos del programador. También se mencionará  el protocolo y pines que debe tener en cuenta para poder programar su microcontrolador AVR.

Posteriormente el manual se bifurcara segun la versión de Windows instalada en su PC.

1) Windows XP 
2) Windows 7 y Windows Vista.

Si aún no has descargado los drivers, bajátelos de aquí: 

Pagina oficial de USBasp : http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/
Drivers para Windows: http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz

This guide will show you how to install the necessary drivers in order to use the USBasp AVR programmer.

In the first part, the user will understand the basic characteristics of USBasp in order to not damage your PC, USBasp or other equipments. Second, you will learn how to connect your AVR uC to your USBasp by ISP port.

Then, this guide will split in two parts, depending on which Windows version you have installed:
1) Windows XP
2) Windows 7/Vista

If you don't have the drivers yet, you can download them from here:
USBasp official webpage : http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/
Windows drivers: http://www.fischl.de/usbasp/usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz

Step 1: Consideraciones Electricas (Electrical Characteristics)

English version available at the bottom

El programador USBASP provee un voltaje de 5 V y puede alimentar a una tarjeta externa hasta con un maximo de 450 mA. Antes de conectar el programador al microcontrolador debe desconectar la fuente de alimentacion externa que usted este utilizando en su tarjeta.

Tambien debe tener la precaución de no exceder el límite de corriente 450 mA. A pesar que el programador provee ciertos niveles de proteccion a fin de evitar daños al puerto usb y el resto del sistema, pueden ocurrir efectos no deseados si se sobrecarga la capacidad del puerto USB.

English version:
The USBasp can supply 5 V at a maximum rate of 450 mA to your testing board (or whatever you're using). Before connecting the USBasp you must disconnect the external supply of your testing board.

You must not exceed the maximun current supply of 450 mA. Even though USBasp (shown in the pictures) have been designed with protection fuses, undesirable effects will occur if you overcharge you USB port.
<p>HEY!! Where's the rest of it? I got this far..Much Thanks, I was lost without your 'ible</p><p>Once windows sees the USBasp...then what? I plug my uno clone W/ usbasp 10 pin port on the board but, nothing...windows duzzint see anything attached to the usbasp. Is this where the Virtual com port driver is used?</p>
having it in english sounds great..! but there are latin people who would enjoy reading in their native language, so.. good job toshi!! let's do another!!
This instructable would have been really useful if I could actually read it. The rest of instructables.com uses English, so here's a question for you. If YOU are able to view instructables.com, then YOU are either translating or using a translator, so why should WE, the rest of the instructables community have to translate your page to view it? So don't take all this offensively, but rather as advice. If you want to get more views and help more poeple learn what you are teaching, you should at minimum put BOTH English and Spanish. I had to use a translator just to type this into YOUR language. To view YOUR instructable, I had to use a translator to view what you wrote. So ask yourself this: Would the 90%+ English speaking portion of the instructables community take the time to translate, or would they just skip yours and find an instuctable in English? And how would they even find your instructable when searching in the search bar would require typing the phrase you want to search for in a Foreign language? Furthermore, with over 10 major languages in the world, to search for an instructable, I would have to translate what I am searching for over 10 times into over 10 different languages just to search for one instructable.<br><br>Este instructable habr&iacute;a sido realmente &uacute;til si yo pod&iacute;a leerlo. El resto de instructables.com utiliza Ingl&eacute;s, as&iacute; que aqu&iacute; est&aacute; una pregunta para usted. Si usted es capaz de ver instructables.com, entonces usted est&aacute; bien la traducci&oacute;n o con un traductor, as&iacute; que &iquest;por qu&eacute; nosotros, el resto de la comunidad de Instructables tiene que traducir la p&aacute;gina para poder verla? No es que no toda esta ofensiva, sino m&aacute;s bien como un consejo. Si desea obtener m&aacute;s puntos de vista y ayudar a m&aacute;s poeple aprender lo que est&aacute;n ense&ntilde;ando, usted debe, como m&iacute;nimo, poner ambos Ingl&eacute;s y Espa&ntilde;ol. Tuve que usar un traductor s&oacute;lo para escribir esto en tu idioma. Para ver su instructable, tuve que usar un traductor para ver lo que escribi&oacute;. As&iacute; que preg&uacute;ntate esto: &iquest;el 90% + la parte de habla Ingl&eacute;s de la comunidad de Instructables se toman el tiempo para traducir, o que se omita el suyo y encontrar una instuctable en Ingl&eacute;s? &iquest;Y c&oacute;mo pueden incluso encontrar su instructable al buscar en la barra de b&uacute;squeda ser&iacute;a necesario escribir la frase que desea buscar en un idioma extranjero? Por otra parte, con m&aacute;s de 10 idiomas m&aacute;s importantes del mundo, para buscar una instructable, tendr&iacute;a que traducir lo que estoy buscando desde hace m&aacute;s de 10 veces en m&aacute;s de 10 idiomas diferentes simplemente para buscar un instructable.
I do know that the ratio of english manuals vs spanish's it's much larger. Then, is very probable (and I almost sure) that there is already an english-written manual of how to install the usbasp which could be even better than mine. So, as a native spanish speaker I wanted to contribute to those people who can not read english manuals. Translators are OK, but not 100% realiables.<br><br>If more people think this manual worth it, then I will translate it to english.<br><br>Thanks for your comprehension.
Very nice job translating the page, and very nice instructable. These are essentially the steps I took when I programmed a microchip for the first time a few weeks ago, only I didn't have an instructable to help me.
I think having it in English would be much better I agree with Awesome-aniac.
Well, I have already posted a bilingual version of the manual. I hope It will help.

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