Introduction: Install Ford Fusion LED Daytime Running Lights

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These Ford Fusion LED daytime running lights replace the stock fog lights and has a classy piano black glossy finish to complete the car. This set of LED DRL works for both models of Ford Fusion with or without OEM fog lamps. There is no modification required and greatly improves the look.

Step 1:

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Remove the stock bumper.

Step 2:

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Use a flat head screwdriver and remove the stock fog lamp bezel cover.

Step 3:

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Replace the open slot in the bumper with the LED DRL bezel replacement and put it back the same way you removed the stock bezel.

Step 4:

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Connect the LED daytime running lamp wires to the module box.

Step 5:

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Tap blue wire to ACC 12V+, black wire to ground, and red wire to battery positive.

Step 6:

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Test to make sure everything works. Enjoy your new Ford Fusion LED daytime running lights! This assembly definitely makes your trusty sedan stand out from all the other sedans on the road.


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