GNU/Linux has become one of the best operating systems , but it is known by its security and customization.  In this tutorial we will set up few things that can automatically prepare and mount all of our systems. In this instructable , we will run Ubuntu distribution.

What you need:
- Android phone
- 3.5GB SDCard (or more)
- root access (there are instructables for that)

- full backup (this is SAFE , however you are moving big files and running lots of operations so you want to be 100% sure)

*DISCLAIMER* Even though this process does not make any damage ,  I am not responsible if anything happens to your Android phone during the process of installing or running Ubuntu.

So we ready to start.

Step 1: Install Busybox libraries

ENSURE that you have rooted your phone. Almost on every device you can do it by checking if you have the Superuser app. (However , in some procedures you might have rooted your phone without having that app).

We want the busybox libraries which can help us interact with the android system. You can download busybox installer from Play Store (or Android Market) by going here and downloading that. Navigate to the Install Busybox tab and press the "Install" button.

Once it is installed we are ready to continue to the next step , installing the terminal.
<p>how do I check if my phone is rooted</p>
<p>But this is just like running ubuntu on virtualbox on a desktop computer!</p><p>It would be nice if someone figured out how to like, flash linux into a phone.</p>
<p>Great article thanks!</p><p>Just had one question! If we use other distributions(like Kali), will we be able to use Android side by side?</p>
<p>when i execute the scripts i got error, what do i do.</p>
<p>Hi, I'm stuck in the last step, I'm a SU, I verified on root checker but when I use the terminal to launch ubuntu.sh I got a &quot;permission denied&quot; (followed by many errors which I assume is normal because I can modify anything without permission).</p><p>Anybody else got the same problem ? </p><p>Thanks !</p>
<p>hello, false title, it's not Linux it's Ubuntu a drivate from Debian. I don't want Ubuntu tio be confused with GNU/Linux as ou do. Ubuntu becomes as Microsoft : a money firm.</p>
<p>Microsoft windows shouldn't be compared to Ubuntu. And mention a time you have been requested to pay for anything ?!!!</p>
<p>Sorry,</p><p>I've used Ubuntu for 5 years and never had to or was asked to pay them a dime</p>
<p>You two are actually the ones that are factually incorrect, and <a href="http://www.instructables.com/member/Dubois.Yaen.Pujol/" rel="nofollow">Dubois.Yaen.Pujol</a> is correct. First of all, when you talk about a &quot;Free&quot; operating system, you are not talking free as in beer, you are talking free as in freedom. I suggest you start educating yourself by reading here: https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html Secondly, Ubuntu is not a &quot;free&quot; distro. It doesn't have the FSF endorsement, because it comes shipped with a large number of blobs. Furthermore, it has a number of repository packages that prefer &quot;nonfree&quot; versions, where there are free versions able to complete the same tasks. Now, while Ubuntu is built on a gnu/linux derivative called debian, it is not gnu/linux. I am not a librepurist, I am just commenting on the fact that Dubois.Yaen.Pujol is using the correct semantics - while you two sound like truck drivers that found an Ubuntu CD under their seats.</p>
<p>I'm sorry to inform you that your are totally mad.</p>
<p>i wanted the LINUX no this</p>
Only a white screen.
Where could i find .img and .sh file for kali or backtrack
<p>hi is any one their</p>
<p>terminal app is crashing</p>
<p>the .sh file unzipped perfectly for me but the image file refuses to unzip, and if I try to move it into my SD card it tells me that the device either is disconnected or not responding when i can still move other files to and from it with no problem, what should I do to fix this?</p>
So it uses ubuntu inside android like a virtual machine. Am I right??
<p>No, actually it is not emulating it. It is extending existing Android kernel, but both android and ubuntu will be running simultaneously. Pretty neat. It's running an x server session which is what linux normally does. The VNC thing lets it use a desktop view of the OS since android doesn't have a traditional desktop client. </p>
First the same question with Tanmay Das; why &quot;Ubuntu but not Backtrack?&quot; or &quot;can we install Backtrack?&quot;; and third thanks for all the information. This was awesome!
The distro doesn't matter. You can check out the download links and you can find other distros enabled for Android.

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