Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Ford Focus LED Daytime Running Lights

Picture of Install IJDMTOY Ford Focus LED Daytime Running Lights

This set of direct fit Ford Mustang-style LED daytime running lights for the Ford Focus is a great upgrade for drivers who want a daily driver with a bit of an aggressive flair. This LED DRL set replaces the original fog light bezels or the bumper garnish covers so your Ford Focus can get a brand new look. You get to keep your super reliable daily driver, but add the iconic brand new Mustang light strips for a great combination.

Step 1:

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Remove the bezel with a pry tool.

Step 2:

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Take the new LED daytime running light and connect the module box to the LED DRL lamp and draw the wires all the way up to the battery and fuse box location.

Step 3:

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Tap the black wire to ground or battery negative. Tap the red wire to battery positive. Tap yellow wire to the ACC location.

Step 4:

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Reinstall the Ford Focus LED daytime running light back the same way you removed the stock bezel. Test to see if the LED DRL works before snapping in the assembly to secure.

Step 5:

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