Introduction: Install IJDMTOY Toyota Tundra A-Pillar LED Pod Lights

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The Toyota Tundra is praised for being one of the most reliable truck to date and is well known for it's off roading capabilities. People who use these trucks know that the lighting is good but not good enough at times which is why installing these Toyota Tundra LED Pod Lights on your 2007-up Tundra will be perfect for you. No modifications are needed on your truck which means installation is straight forward.

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First, find the windshield A-pillar and pull the flap liner up. You're going to find a bolt near the edge of the hood and you're going to use this to mount the A-pillar metal bracket on.

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Grab the metal bracket and bolt it on securely into place.

Step 3:

To assemble the LED pod lights, grab the U-shaped bracket and mount it onto the LED pod light. Watch this video for the tutorial.

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Now that you're all set and ready to go, now's the time to show off your new Toyota Tundra LED Pod Lamps. These are small but powerful lights that are perfect for the everyday use. Unlike LED light bars, you can move this around easily and can angle it however you'd like on your Toyota Tundra.


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