Picture of Install Instructables Search Plug-in for Firefox
This is a simple guide that will tell you how to install the Instructables search plug-in for Firefox. That way, you will be able to search Instructables directly from your browser even if you are not on the Instructables page!

Step 1: Go to the Mycroft Project page

Picture of Go to the Mycroft Project page
1. Visit the Mycroft Project page and type "instructables" in the "Site Name/URL:" field.
2. Press the "Search" button.
mschwartz3 made it!10 months ago

This Instructable is pretty old. I just posted one where the process is significantly faster, and maybe more handy. Feel free to fork it to update your post here, it's already reached plenty more along with 10 favorites so it maybe sometime to consider.

khaz4 years ago
The search resulted in 2 plugins. The one by Jorge Silva was marked with 'check' icon, however. I added this plugin.
see-saw6 years ago
This also works with the FastDial plugin for Firefox
pitty7 years ago
I was going to do an Instructable on how to do this, I even started writing some code. Then I thought maybe there is an Instructable on how to do it. Thanks just saved me about an hour.
haha i did this last year but then i got read of firefox AND got a mac... any way to do this on safari?
Operon (author)  heyzuphowsitgoin8 years ago
Sorry, I have no idea... congratulations on the upgrade, I hope the next one is to Linux!
theburn7 Operon7 years ago
i upgrade/downgraded to linux! i am dual booting
there is a mac version of firefox.
yea there is
i did it, it took literally 4.295739567693669362634876548386 seconds, lol jk about 2 seconds
Nice! That first picture looks awesome.
robots1997 years ago
Thank you very much for joining my new group and now in your decription you can now say that you belong to the prestigious Firefox hackers and modder group
robots1997 years ago
HELLO every one!!!! I have started a new group so please check it out....IT is called firefox hackers and modders and any one with a firefox related instructable can join!!!
Thank you!!!!

yeah firefox owns....
Ive been looking for a youtube search add on :)
abun19918 years ago
i searched for instructables and it says no matches any ideas
Operon (author)  abun19918 years ago
abun1991 Operon8 years ago
Guess i didn't, thx. But now it says i need a browser that supports opensearch (yes, im using firefox). Suggestions?
Operon (author)  abun19918 years ago
Firefox supports opensearch. Try installing the latest version.
abun1991 Operon8 years ago
I tried, and it says there was a problem connecting to mozilla.org. If it helps, i am doing this at the high school i go to.
Operon (author)  abun19918 years ago
I don't think I can help you with that. Sorry!
abun1991 Operon8 years ago
oh well, thx anyway!
Thanks!....Firefox owns!
jeffreyf8 years ago
Nor I!
Hoopajoo8 years ago
Excellent! I too didn't know we had one of these.
zus8 years ago
Cool didn't know about this thanks