I'm going to show you the process I used to install LED light strips as an accent to a desk.  This is a fairly simple project, but it does require that you solder some cable that will be used for a 120v line, so make sure you are comfortable with doing this before proceeding.

What you'll need:

- 12V power supply
- LED strips that run on 12V
- AC power cable
- Soldering Iron and Solder
- Wire Stripper
- Lighter and Shrink Tubing
- Scissors
- SPST low-voltage switch
- Double sided foam mounting tape

We'll then use those to add the strips to a desk.

Step 1: Make the DC Connection

We're going to start off with making the DC side of the connection.  We will connect the switch to the power supply and also the connector designed to go to the LED light strips.

First, cut one end off the LED strip connector cable and strip each individual wire.  Then place shrink tubing over the wire that will be soldered to the power supply's ground connection.

Solder the ground wires together and shrink the tubing over the solder joint.

Now, take the SPST switch and solder the positive wire from the power supply to one contact on the switch.  Then solder the positive wire from the light strip connector to the other contact.

With that finished the DC connection is assembled and you simply need to plug the LED light strip connector into your light strip.

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