Picture of NEW Leapard 10.5.6! on your PC!
This is a very detialed step by step guide for installing real Leapard (10.5.6) on your PC. VIDEO COMING SOON.
This is a set of guidelines for installing OS X Leopard onto a PC. What you choose to do with this information is up to you, and I am in no way responsible for whatever happens to your machine.
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For everyone having worried about their hardware setup, there is a website that lists hardware components and whole computer systems:

For computer rigs:

For individual components:

Granted the above lists are for 10.5.2 and now 10.5.5, but for the most part the same rules should apply with patches and compatibility.

you should be aware of if you are doing this for the first time. The first one is that you should NEVER use the Apple updater to update your installation of Leopard. For instance, if the Apple updater pops up and says that you can update from 10.5.5 to 10.5.6 DO NOT UPGRADE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! It will brick your machine and you will need to re-install Leopard again.

siman8805 years ago
on step 1 you said not to update through the Apple Updater... is there a different source that you can download it or no?
Haha. That's what I was thinking. I think it's better not to update than to have Apple lockdown your mac (or in this case, your PC). Lol.
petarbitola4 years ago
little help please When I boot from DVD, press f8, then -v I can see error which says "FireWire unable to determine security mode" Then "still waiting for root device" I have PC with AMD Athlon 3200+ procesor
Try turning off your FireWire ports in your BIOS menu. The FireWire ports are often not recognized properly on Hackint0sh machines. Also, not too many AMD boards are supported so that might be your problem.
skrbicdu5 years ago
 i alwais get kernel panic when osx is booting
ttf-ent5 years ago
hey can iDeneb still run apple software? i.e. iLife '09, GarageBand, ETC...
ttf-ent ttf-ent5 years ago
Plz email answer to seeing as i am rarely on instructables so probs wont get the answer if u reply here

ttf-ent5 years ago
little help please...
I cant find the "any" key!!!

digimancer5 years ago
LOL if you happen to type something similar to "iDeneb 10.5.5" too funny. What you should really mention is that many of these hackintosh releases are very unstable and require an AZZload of tweaking to stabilize. 
kjrviking5 years ago
will this work with a computer that is not connected to the internet?
dknutson5 years ago
PowerISO current versions do not work. The one that I believe does is 4.2, can be found here:
S1L3N7 SWAT5 years ago
This Instructable is copied verbatim from this site:

Did you just rip off someone else's work, or are you the same guy?
THIS IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!! Now you can have Mac on a PC!!!
is this made for installing leopard on a vista?
jolmldn6 years ago
thank you first of all , i recently installed the"iDeneb 10.5.5 just to try it in a small partition that i created in my laptop ,to later install it in my desktop pc .on my lap top a was running XP and UBUNTU. ok my question is when i uninstalled the iDENEB and restarted i could not boot in to my windows boot manager and all it said was boot : error how can i fix this . thank you.
You need to use your windows recovery discs (or make recovery floppies (search for xp recovery floppies on the microsoft download center.)) Then boot with the recovery disc, and go into the recovery console. Enter fixmbr and then fixboot and restart. (If this doesn't work, then type them in the opposite order, I'm not really sure which way they go.) This should solve your problems.
conradev5 years ago
you can upgrade to 10.5.6, im running it. Its complicated though because you have to patch your dsdt.aml file. just google on how to do it
rbuicki5 years ago
the link for the troubleshooting is broken... :[
mspark4006 years ago
Nice 'ible, I have been working on this project myself for awhile using many different versions. For anyone who is having problems around step four i would strongly suggest using f8 and typing -v for verbose mode -s for (safe?) mode and -f for (failsafe?) BUT ESPECIALLY -x which is what solved my endless problems. then make sure you give the gray apple screen time to do its work. cheers, mspark400
murl3y6 years ago
Hi there, I tried installing Mac OSX on my laptop. As far as I can tell, I have all the correct specs (consulted a few different sites) and multiple copies of the ISO and Vista recovery discs made up just in case. I was going through, and the screen from Step 4, Snapshot 2 came up. I didn't know at the time that it was a problem, so I left it, thinking it might just have to through it. After about 2 hours, I figured I should look into it some more. I just went and consulted Step 4, but not only do I not really understand what's causing the problem, the supplied link lands me a big ol' 404. Any help at all would be SUPER appreciated!! Please email me: Thanks in advance.
UbuntuNinja6 years ago
Is this an actual release of OS X from Apple or is this like a Linux Distro made to look like OS X? Also, if it is from Apple don't you have to pay them for a legal copy of OS X? This is sooooooooo cool. Also, in some of the pics, it looks like OS X Tiger not Leopard.
22killzz6 years ago
for the patched os x thanx
22killzz6 years ago
the link is no good =( can u pleeeezz send me a new link!!!
You spelled "Leopard" wrong. I also don't understand how you get Leopard to install without it being a Mac.
CyberTech2000 (author)  Cartermarquis6 years ago
Oops my bad about the spelling thanks for pointing it out. And ya runtherd99 is right.
Hey kalyway is a better distro try that :D
it's a hacked version of osx, like hackintosh. that's why it installs. it's hacked to run on non-mac machines.
Ok thanks. I get it now.
cool. i was going to try it, but it had compatability issues with my custom built pc
even though it's hacked to work on non-macs, it is still only compatible with intel sse3 cpu's. mine is an amd, so it doesn't work.
CyberTech2000 (author)  runtherd996 years ago
iDeneb the disk I used for the instructable is compatible with amd as well. You have to select the amd patch in the customization step. Many other hacked discs have compatibility for amd as well.
I recommend iATKOS v4a. It's designed especially for AMD processors.It's only 10.5.4, but I've not had problems with v4i.
CyberTech2000 (author)  damurdock6 years ago
Ya I actually agree and also there are tutorials on upgrading it.
CyberTech2000 (author)  runtherd996 years ago
With what hardware specifically maybe I can help you out.