Nissan 370Z is super popular in the JDM world and you probably have seen a ton of these cars on the road. Because of this, there are tons of aftermarket accessories you can buy for your Nissan 370Z, like this rear LED fog light from Amazon. This is a detailed installation guide to show you how to install this LED assembly and how to wire everything up.

Step 1:

Take a flat head screwdriver and pop out a fastener located under the bumper.

Step 2:

Underneath a vehicle will be a black plate that has additional fasteners (3) for you to remove.

Step 3:

Unbolt two #10 nuts. Slide it forward.

Step 4:

Open your hatch and find the cover plate near the tail lights. Pop them off with your fingers.

Step 5:

Remove the molding and cargo mats.

Step 6:

Pop off the tie-down hook in the center. Pop out the cargo light and plug it. Pull it out from the bottom in an upward motion.

Step 7:

Take out the side panels. Pop out the fasteners that hold it down. Pull the side panels forward, upward, and out.

Step 8:

Access the taillight harness.

Unbolt the two #10 nuts and the 5/16 nut on the inner side.

Step 9:

Slide the taillight forward (not upward.)

Step 10:

Unclip the taillight from the harness.

Step 11:


Tap the red wire on the license plate frame.

Step 12:

Crimp another wire and lead it to your fog lamp. Crimp it to the red wire of your fog lights.

Step 13:

Make sure your wire are away from your exhaust.

Your fog lamps will now turn on when you turn on your parking lights.

Step 14:

Optional flasher relay:

Connect the ground of your fog light to the relay and the flasher.

Step 15:

Lead it to the signal wire of relay. Tap it to the orange wire.

Step 16:

Check to make sure everything works and enjoy your new Nissan 370Z LED rear fog lights! You can see that installation isn't as complicated as you thought before. All you need to do is follow the steps in the correct order and you will have some new JDM rear fog lights in no time.

Credit goes to simota1 from the370z

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