Longtime had wanted to try this platform called Node-red created by IBM, was developed in nodejs, Node red is developed by Nick O'Leary and Dave Conway-Jones thanks for their contributions.

But that is Node-red ?

It is an open source graphical tool based connection nodes containing API'S and / or services for communication and / or connecting devices to the Internet of things, has a friendly web interface contains a variety of basic and complex functions IoT, there is also an online version of node red called IBM bluemix.

There are many tutorials to install Node-red on a local server, but these tutorials although very complete I did not work properly, I decided collect the steps to install Node-red in Linux, in this case Lubuntu (Ubuntu) I hope you will his liking this guide....

Tutorial Install lubuntu

Tutorial Install node-red complete

More info: Blog PDAControl

Soon we will integrations Node - red with Arduino and ESP8266....

Step 1: Video Install Node Red

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