Introduction: Install IJDMTOY 2014-up Toyota Tundra LED Fog Light

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The Toyota Tundra is a huge competitor with the American trucks that are out there right now nearly outperforming all of them. Many people get their trucks into situations where they need brighter fog lights than the ones that come stock in the Toyota Tundra. This Toyota Tundra LED Fog Light Assembly will do just that and with a few simple steps, you too can be shining the road in front of you in a new light.

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The first thing that you want to do is to turn the wheel towards the opposite side that you are working on. If you are working on the driver side, turn the wheel to the right and if you are working on the passenger side, turn the wheel to the left. Once this is done take a Phillips head screw driver and start to take off the bolts holding the plastic cover.

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After the bolts are taken off, pull the plastic cover towards you to expose the OEM bulbs.

Step 3:

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Unplug the foglights and directly pull out the Toyota Tundra's OEM fog light housing.

Step 4:

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Moving on to assembling the LED fog light brackets, insert this top mount bracket into the fog lights and bolt the two ends together. After this is assemble, put the bolt and washer into the top opening of the bracket like so.

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Make sure that the bolt is sticking out of the LED fog light and attach it to this plate ensuring that the bolt goes in between the metal holder.

Step 6:

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Now that it’s on, tightly secure the bolts with a wrench like so.

Step 7:

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Now that the assembly is complete we move on to the Tundra. Take the first layer of the metal brackets and attach into the OEM holes.

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Take the newly assembled LED fog light and put it in its new housing and put the wires through.

Step 9:

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Line up the LED fog light assembly and the first layer of the metal plates together. Then take the third layer of the metal bracket and loosely screw in the 4 bolts through all 3 layers to allow for adjustments. Once adjusted then tightly screw the screws into place.

Step 10:

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Now, plugging everything together. Take the new iJDMTOY LED fog light wiring and attach it to the OEM fog light wires. Test everything before putting the plastic cover back on and screwing it back into place.

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This direct replacement Toyota Tundra LED Fog Lamp Kit is a very simple install using only a few tools to get the job done. This changes the front look of the car and when turned on, makes you more noticeable on the road and gives you the ability to see further.


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