Install PWY24W LED Turn Signal Bulb on Volkswagen





Introduction: Install PWY24W LED Turn Signal Bulb on Volkswagen

The CAN-bus error free LED turn signal bulbs come in xenon white or amber yellow and replace the stock PWY24W/PW24W incandescent bulbs. These PWY24W LED turn signal bulbs gives your car a whole new clear look with much brighter and sharper lighting. They have a much faster response time than stock bulbs and their clear look eliminates the "fried egg" look. This plug and play means that it's a simple installation with no modification required.

Step 1:

Remove the tail lamp to gain access to the rear of the turn signal lamp.

Step 2:

Remove the moisture cap to take out the stock turn signal bulb by pushing together the tabs. Replace with the new PWY24W LED Turn Signal Bulb. Make sure that the grooves of the bulb match up with the socket since there is only one way to put it in.

Step 3:

Put the turn signal lamp back and test the LED bulbs to see if it works. Enjoy your new LED turn signal lights.



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    Nicely documented. Thanks for sharing.