Install VNC on DragonBoard 410c




Introduction: Install VNC on DragonBoard 410c

Maybe you dont have an additional monitor or display to connect to your DragonBoard to program and make changes in settings using debian graphic interface. It is more easy for beginners to see what they are doing instead send commands in prompt.

In this tutorial you will see how to install and run VNC to control your DragonBoard remotelly.

Step 1: Intall and Run Vnc on the DragonBoard

Install and configure port and dimensions of the session

  • $ sudo apt-get install vncv4server
  • $ vncserver :1
  • $ vncserver -geometry 800x600

If you want to end to session:

  • $ vncserver -kill :1

Step 2: Download and Install VNC Viewer on PC

You need to install VNC on host computer to access DragonBoard, go to the link below, download and install it.

After installation, get IP address of the board typing:

  • $ /sbin/ifconfig

In this case,

Open VNC viewer in Host Computer and type on VNC server address.

Now you are able to configure and access your board remotely.




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