Install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP)

Picture of Install Windows 7 on MacBook Pro with Retina Display (rMBP)
Mac OS X is no doubt an ultimate OS but when it comes to gaming and other software, Windows is the most widely supported platform. So for those who have MacBook Pro Retina and wants to enjoy the latest games at 2880 x 1800 resolution gaming, you can install Microsoft Windows 7 on MacBook Pro Retina with several simple steps. Follow this instruction you do not need remove the Mac OS X, you can have both Mac OS X and Windows 7 on your rMBP. Apple has provided a utility named Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on Mac OS X. It will cost about 2 hours to install Windows 7 by following the instruction.

1. USB Flash Drive(Minimum 4GB)
2. 64 bits Windows 7 Installation iso image.(you can find it from Internet then download it)
3. Internet Connection.
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Step 1: Find Boot Camp and Open it

Picture of Find Boot Camp and Open it
Searching the utility named Boot Camp from Launchpad or using Spotlight from Finder Bar. It will guide you in installation of Windows 7.

Step 2: Select Tasks

Picture of Select Tasks
You can select first two options at one time or you can check one at one time each from the BOOTCAMP screen. For “Create a Windows 7 Installation Disk” you need a  USB Flash Drive and Windows 7 installation ISO image. 

Step 3: Creat USB bootable drive

Picture of Creat USB bootable drive
BOOTCAMP will ask you to creat USB bootable drive for Windows 7 installaion. you need to choose the windows 7 ISO image that you downloaded from Internet before. REMEMBER, the USB flash drive will be formatted. Make sure there is no useful data.

Step 4: Download Support Software for Windows

Picture of Download Support Software for Windows
The support software are designed specifically for each Mac, they are required to fully support Windows and includes Boot Camp drivers that let you use your Apple keyboard, mouse and build-in camera. If you use a large USB flash drive (large than 6 GB) to creat the bootable drive from step 3, you can use the same flash drive to save the support files, which already formatted as MS-DOS(FAT).
samirouu2 months ago

hi, i have a "macbook" with "ubinto" -only- !

i want to install windows7 , help me please.