Install a Desktop-Linux (Debian-Linux) on Apple TV 1G





Introduction: Install a Desktop-Linux (Debian-Linux) on Apple TV 1G

You have an old Apple Tv 1G, collecting dust? Why not turning it in to a cheap full featured PC by installing a Desktop Linux (Debian jessie) on it!

Step 1: Watch the Video for a Step by Step Tutorial.

WARNING: This could brick your Apple Tv so please be careful.

Link to OSMC download:

Command to install LXDE: sudo apt-get install lxde

Command to start LXDE: startx



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    I wander if this works for A1469 think this is 3th gen.?

    How to change the root password to be able to login to synaptic package manager.

    1. Start terminal

    2. sudo su - # to get to the root prompt

    3. mount -rw -o remount /

    4. passwd

    5. Enter new UNIX password: "new password"

    6. Retype new UNIX password: "new password"

    7. password updated successfully

    Close terminal and use your "new password" in the LXDE GUI to start synaptic package manager.

    That's it

    I have used terminal to start Synaptic (sudo su -) and download file manager and Firefox but I still dont know the password in Debian GUI? It seems to be a bug?

    Sten T. Martin

    Thank you for a very good video. I was nearly to give up my 2 Apple TV 1 when I learned how to make them a Debian Linux computer. And I can not stand the Kodi GUI to manage my files and photos, very bad.

    I want to install Firefox and a file manager. Synaptic is asking for a password??

    Please advise.

    Sten T. Martin