You have an old Apple Tv 1G, collecting dust? Why not turning it in to a cheap full featured PC by installing a Desktop Linux (Debian jessie) on it!

Step 1: Watch the Video for a Step by Step Tutorial.

WARNING: This could brick your Apple Tv so please be careful.

Link to OSMC download: https://osmc.tv/download/

Command to install LXDE: sudo apt-get install lxde

Command to start LXDE: startx

<p>I wander if this works for A1469 think this is 3th gen.?</p>
<p>How to change the root password to be able to login to synaptic package manager.</p><p>1. Start terminal</p><p>2. sudo su - # to get to the root prompt </p><p>3. mount -rw -o remount /</p><p>4. passwd</p><p>5. Enter new UNIX password: &quot;new password&quot;</p><p>6. Retype new UNIX password: &quot;new password&quot;</p><p>7. password updated successfully </p><p>Close terminal and use your &quot;new password&quot; in the LXDE GUI to start synaptic package manager.</p><p>That's it</p>
<p>I have used terminal to start Synaptic (sudo su -) and download file manager and Firefox but I still dont know the password in Debian GUI? It seems to be a bug?</p><p>Sten T. Martin</p>
<p>Thank you for a very good video. I was nearly to give up my 2 Apple TV 1 when I learned how to make them a Debian Linux computer. And I can not stand the Kodi GUI to manage my files and photos, very bad.</p><p>I want to install Firefox and a file manager. Synaptic is asking for a password??</p><p>Please advise.</p><p>Sten T. Martin</p>

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