Install Apps on Iphone/Ipod Touch WITHOUT Wifi !





Introduction: Install Apps on Iphone/Ipod Touch WITHOUT Wifi !

This instructable tells u how to install apps on ur Iphone/Ipod Touch WITHOUT wifi ..!

Step 1: Requirements!

So you're staring at a newly jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch, and you're ready to install some of the best applications out there ... but you lack a strong Wi-Fi connection. iGopher, a free application for Windows, lets you download and compile all the third-party apps you want on a connected computer and then transfer and install them to your freed iPhone/iPod touch through your regular USB connection.


1. A JAILBROKEN Iphone/Ipod
2. A PC
3. Iphone/Ipod touch usb cable
4. iGopher (You can download it from here (ITS FREE! ) :

5. Internet connection in ur PC (no need of wifi )

Step 2: Here U Go !

1.Download igopher from the link ive provided in the previous step.
2.Install it. :)
3.Open installation folder and double click packagesources.txt
4.The website links that u find in that text file are the sources for ur installer (U MUST HAVE INSTALLER APP IN UR IPHONE/IPOD)
5.If u want to add sources ,open packagesources.txt and copy the complete address of the source (including http:// )
6.Now save the text file after adding enough sources.NOW CONNECT UR IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH via usb cable.
7.Open Gopher. (Remember if u add sources (like 50 sources) it wil take a few mins to open up.Dont worry abt it n be patient)
8.When Gopher opens up,ull see many sources and apps.
9.Tick those apps that u want
10.Now Click Files>Clear script.
11.Now Click Files>Export script.
12.Now gopher will start downloading the checked apps.It will take some time depending upon ur PC's internet connection.
13.After downloading is finished,a dialogue window will open up telling everythings ready on ur ipod.
14.Here comes the best part.Open installer in ur iphone and ull see the apps that u have downloaded just now ,under install tab.
15.Click on each app and click install.

THE APPS U DOWNLOADED WIL BE IN Gopher/export/ in ur pc.

FOR TRANSFERRING FILES DOWNLOAD Total Commander + Tpot plugin or use iphone browser




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How do I download an app on I phone 5 without wifi

How do you download apps to an UNJAILBROKEN ipod touch without wifi on a mac?

im new to this so please answer me these; What is a "jailbroken ipod"?and; I downloaded iGopher but it won't run.

I'll do mybbest to explain this. A jailbroken iPod is basically when you take your iPod and download a third party appetite called cydia. Cydia is not available on the appstore, so you have to download it from the computer, or there are someway to do it without the computer. On cydia there are a lot of apps and tweaks, as they call them. Tweaks really just change how the iPod works, so you can put themes on it, and do stuff that normally an iPod wouldn't be able to do.

And sorry, I have no experience with igopher, so I can't help you there. Hope that helped.

very good

but change the ipod photo to 4gen

Hi my wifi is greyed out. how do you get install on your ipod

No offense, but you don't have to do all this, but it could help if you don't have iTunes or are running on Linux, or any OS that iTunes doesn't support. You don't need to Jailbreak your iPod to put apps on your iPod without WiFi. Just go into iTunes Store, click App Store, then search for the apps you want. Then, you sync your iPod.

wat if when you go to the apps in itunes thenyou you cant click anything. what do you have to do?

I have an ipod touch 4g 4.2.1 and i already downloaded jailbroken apps. How can i install the apps i downloaded?

dont jailbreak u ipod it voids the warranty and if you upgrade to the new firmware ios 4 you can get apps direct form your itouch!!