Install Phone Into Car Dashboard Subaru Legacy





Introduction: Install Phone Into Car Dashboard Subaru Legacy

Step 1: How & Why

I will show you how I installed phone in dash of Subaru Legacy/Outback 2010-2013, without "touching" a dash.

Everything is removable and you can turn back into original in a couple of minutes.

I decided for this installation because I'm a very big freak of hidden cables and simple usage.

I improvised a lot during the process. My goal was to improvise with materials I was found at home, don’t “touching” dashboard and use phone without battery. I spent many hours to find player, tasker (macrodroid) app, made tasks and tested everything.

Just in case, because you never know I added micro usb cable for charging. :))

*Why I need MacroDroid?

1. Timer for music player: I am driving to my job around 30 minutes into one way. So when I seat in car, just run task and player start automaticly. When I arrived at work I just turn off car, and task will stop the music over a minute. With this function I prevent if I forget to stop player when leave a car:)

2. Screen ON During player run, screen is ON and dimmed. So if I want to change the song, I just touch the screen and press next song. When I touch the screen, brightnes go to 100% (or what you set in macrodroid).

Step 2: I Needed


I find a lot of stuff at home or bought it in local store. Links are only for example.

Phone Samsung I9000 Galaxy S

Phone case

2A Dual car charger

Block Magnets (Neodymium Block Magnets 25x8x2 mm N52)

Circle magnets (18mm x 2mm Neodymium Magnets)

Cable with fuse (Add A Circuit Fuse Tap Piggy-Back MICRO) I was in seventh heaven when I found this cable:))

Micro USB Male to Female Adapter Cable Extension Angle Connector Cord

Micro USB cable, minimum 140 cm long

Audio cable, minimum 140 cm long

Cable Conduit Tube Pipe

Fiberglass repair kit

3D carbon Wrap Vinyl Film

  • Acrylic spray Putty (filler)
  • Polyester filler
  • Wooden stick 8x8mm
  • 3M masking tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Sandpaper (80 & 320)
  • Chipboard (13 x 14 x 3.6cm or higher. (Space between chipboard and dash I fill with foam)

Software on phone

ROM [4.2.2] Cyber-SGS IV Style (If you have better suggestion, don’t be shy to share with us;) )

Nova Launcher Prime (paid version) (have a lot of customization. Most important is that everything is force to landscape view)

MacroDroid "tasker" (paid version)

Music player (paid version)

Widget for audio and brightness

Step 3: How to Use Phone Without Battery

Step 4: I Made Model From Hard Paper to Locate the Phone on to the Position.

Step 5: Glue the Phone With Case on to the Chipboard (13 X 14 X 3.6cm)

Step 6: Protect the Dashboard With Masking Tape and Aluminium Foil.

I don't trust just masking tape, so I decide to use aluminium foil.

Step 7: Fiberglass...

Make powerful mix for fiberglass and do it in warm space or outside on sun. It will dry much faster. Make 3 - 4 layers of fiberglass.

Step 8: Cut & Sand

Be very very careful and precise when you cutting and sanding!! Every mistake will make you nervous and you will loosing your time with filler.

NOTE: I recommend to you, that you make laser cut plexiglass mask with hole for display on phone. I lost a lot of time to make perfect edges.

Step 9: Place Magnets on Dashboard

Step 10: Place Magnets on Mask

Put couple of magnets inside and couple of them outside of mask. Move magnets and mask to the right position. Make lines with marker around magnets on both side of mask.

Then glue the piece of wood (8x8mm) and magnet right in the center of circle. Now you have position of mask. You must be very precise here!

Step 11: Make It Smooth

I used filler 3 times and still is not perfect:( With filler you can repair mistakes of cutting and sanding.

Step 12: Make It Smoother

Couple of layers filler in spray. Sand with 320 sanding paper.

When you made it realy smooth and without any scratches, than you can spray it with any color or put on vinyl sticker.

Step 13: Wiring

Plug in stereo jack and with multimeter you can locate which connector is correct.

I decided to solder it, because like I said, I am freak of hiding cables and for a better sound. I don’t trust on this jack in car:)

Step 14:



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    Congratilations. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

    excellent job! excellent expression! thanks for details.

    you can either solder the physical buttons to some external buttons, or use an NFC enabled phone with buttons

    6 replies

    why would I need external buttons if I have touch screen:)?

    dimple buttons looks interesting:)

    Great build but I find the screen too small. I prefer 7" or 10" PC Tab so you can watch movies.

    my first idea was to install nexus 7:) But then I will be must "destroy" dashboard and cost me to mouch.

    If this project proves to be right, than I have wish to install Note 2.

    I don't need phone for movies. Bigger screen or the better phone I need for navigation.

    Because of the physical buttons
    They make it look like there's a phone inside :)

    thank you for your opinion, but I don't understand what did you mean with this:)

    I mean, that the whole point it to make look clean, as if there's no phone and just a smart car screen

    Haha... man, in Hungary the phone wouldn't be there for a night. :D

    3 replies

    With car alarm I think I'm safe :p

    We also have gypsies and junkies :( With tinted windows or at night it is almost impossible to see there is a phone.

    I also searching for some app, that be like car alarm.

    Hmm yeah tinted windows are a good idea. Car alarm is really useless tho. :) I suggest however installing a cover or lid that you can put on the phone when you leave your car somewhere. What the eye doesn't see, the heart doesn't grieve over. ;) It also protects it from the sun.

    Great comments. I was thinking the same.

    Hello, nice modding.

    I have a question. When you turn off the car, the mobile phone turn off, is correct? Or when you turn off the car, the mobile phone is on stand by? I think maybe i add the batery (whit the power supply describe on step3) and when the car turn off, the mobile phone is on stand by.


    6 replies

    Phone is always on. For this reason I used "Add A Circuit" cable. Watch step 3 and last 4 pictures.

    If I have battery inside phone, I would not complicate my life with custom made power adapter:) I will use 12V->5V usb car charger;)

    I don't wanna have battery in phone, because they are dangerous if they are overcharge or if they go hot in summer.

    Thanks for the explanation and reply. The last question, because i try make the same project in my car.

    The battery of car,is not discharged if the phone is all the time ON?

    Car battery have 60Ah = 60000 mAh

    Phone battery have 1500mAh and in flight mode stay ON couple of days ;)


    MIC29152WT is VERY HOT when I using screen on 100% brightness!!

    Maybe I will install it on a big aluminium cooler (9x6x4cm).

    Thanks!! I try to make it. =)

    Don't try. Just do it! :))

    Now I found a ready-made adapters. Maybe you will need just to add capacitor and one resistance to put down voltage to 3.8V

    5A, 25W is a lot of more powerfull than any wall or car chargers. They have only 2A and 10W. I tested with this 2A chargers and they don't have enough voltage and power to run phone without battery. So I think there is will not be problems with overheating.