Step 6: Convert file from .mp3 to .3g2 (a 3GPP2 file) using Super

Special thanks to josh for explaining how to do this with the free software called Super. This step 6 was edited in after he made his helpful comments to the original Instructable. I had tried using Super as part of my exhaustive search for software, but I could not make heads or tails from it. I think I was blinded by the overwhelming amount of stuff on the Super window. Josh simplified it considerably. Thanks.

1. Start Super. Super wants to connect to the Internet for some reason (my suspicious mind is working). If you are using Zone Alarm, it will tell you that. If you allow it access to the net, Super will open in a second. If you deny access to the net, you will get about 10 Zone Alarm alerts that Super is being denied access to the Internet.

I should warn you in advance that Super has a very annoying habit of recentering itself every time you move it on your desktop. That makes writing about it hard because it's always jumping around.

2. Super is color coded so I'll be referring to the various colors to help describe this. On top of the Super window, there are three drop down menus labeled
- 1. Select the Output Container colored magenta (reddish)
- 2. Select the Output Video Codec, colored green, and
- 3. Select the Output Audio Codec colored blue
Ignore 2 and 3 and set 1 to 3g2 (Sony Ericsson)

3. In the green area of the screen, check "Disable Video"

4. In the blue area select the following
Sampling Freq = 44100
Channels = whatever the default was
Bitrate kbps = 128

5. At this point you need to open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to where your .mp3 ringtone file is. Click-drag your .mp3 ringtone file into the gray box near the bottom of the Super window. The file name and path should appear in the gray area with a checked checkbox. You can add as many ringtone files as you want (apparently). Super will process them all at once.

6. Before you continue, you need to tell Super where to save your file. Right click then go to output file saving management to choose where to save the file. Otherwise it will go to your root directory (C:/). Then click the Encode (Active Files) button below the gray area to do the deed.

7. Now go to your window in Windows where your file(s) is. Note that it has a goofy name like yourfilename.mp3.3g2. You'll have to rename the file so it looks like yourfilename.3g2.
there's also a really simple converter site at zamzar.com if you don't want to fool around with software :)