Are you an avid hunter or marksman? Do you hate having your hands occupied while walking with your weapon? Well worry no more, I'm here to show you how to easily mount sling attachment swivels to your rifle, with a minimum of tools and materials.

Step 1:

So first off, let's lay out the tools you'll need:
Power Drill
Drillbits (1/16-3/16)
Tape Measure
Tape (I used duct tape because that is what I had, painters tape is preferable)
Bench Vise with padding (hence the tshirt)
-As always, a gun vise is preferable, but I make do with what I have.
And of course, a 1" swivel and hardware set, which can be had for under $12 at Wal-mart or your local sporting goods store

Not pictured:
Superglue or loctite (definetely recomended)
Center punch (Optional)
Paper towels(useful as padding between the vise and the gun)
Dremel with cutting head (optional, depending on your gun. More in step 5)
<p>good job.</p>
Make a mistake once - you were careless. <br>Do it wrong twice - you're a bit hard-headed. <br>Doing it wrong over and over again, and not learning from your mistakes is what makes someone an idiot. <br> <br>The fact that you made an 'Ible on how to make this, and that your mistake might prevent dozens - if not more - others from repeating it is, IMO, enough to make you NOT an idiot. <br> <br>And by the way, it really is a PITA to drill holes in wood without splintering it - it drives me INSANE.
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