Step 3: Measurements

Heres where the tricky part comes in. Measurements will vary depending on the rifle you are using. For my rifle, I placed the fore end swivel roughly 11" from the front of the trigger guard, as that was the farthest it could safely go, although the instructions for the swivel said 13"-17". For the rear swivel, I made my mark 2 1/4" from the butt plate. One good way to tell where you want your front swivel to be is to raise your rifle as if you were going to shoot. The front swivel should be at least 3/4" in front of your left hand(or right, if you area southpaw). Once you have measured with your ruler or tape to where you want to put the hole, place a small strip of tape across the stock. This will not only help you remember where you want to drill, but also will help prevent cracking and splitting of the wood as the drill bit goes in.
<p>good job.</p>
Make a mistake once - you were careless. <br>Do it wrong twice - you're a bit hard-headed. <br>Doing it wrong over and over again, and not learning from your mistakes is what makes someone an idiot. <br> <br>The fact that you made an 'Ible on how to make this, and that your mistake might prevent dozens - if not more - others from repeating it is, IMO, enough to make you NOT an idiot. <br> <br>And by the way, it really is a PITA to drill holes in wood without splintering it - it drives me INSANE.
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