For installation remove the engine cover and search the connector to disconnect.

Unpack the cables.

Step 1: Prepare the Module

Connect the main connector to the additional module.

To prevent any water infiltration isolate the connector. Place the module on the left front wheel arches.

Step 2: Search the Original Connector

Identified the connector using a screwdriver and disconnect using the module connectors additional equivalent practicing bypass

Step 3: Connect Module

The module connector has two additional tabs that obstruct the correct insertion of the connector.

Using a cutter to clear them. insert the connectors and work is completed.

Step 4: Reassemble

reassemble the engine cover.

Installation time 30 min.

<p>This is in addition to the existing unit.</p><p>The module allows to obtain about 20 hp and additional savings of about 2 l / 100km without losing the Fiat warranty .</p><p>The manufacturer is Magneti Marelli.</p>
Great description, thanks!<br><br>Bu, why did you have to replace it? For what reason?<br><br>And what module is this exactly?<br><br>Thanks!
<p>Awesome information! You broke down the steps for the installation really well! Welcome to instructables, I hope we get to see more things from you in the future!</p>
<p>Thank you for your comments and impressions.</p><p>At the next tutorial</p>

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