Installing toilet total repair kit/ dual flush upgrade purchased in a big box home improvement store.  Kit is supposed to be a no tool no tank removal.  This doesn't apply our canister style Mansfield brand toilet.

-wide mouth pliers 
-small pliers 
-crescent wrench

Step 1: Removing Parts

Shut off water and flush water from toilet tank.  Remove tank from bowl  by remove all bolts holding toilet tank to the bowl.

Remove original valve from tank & all parts. To remove this style of overflow tube it worked better to insert pliers through the bottom  of the overflow tube an hold the nut on the outside while  turning the tube clockwise.  When removing flush handle  remember that flush handle nut is a reverse thread.
<p>I installed this but it doesn't have a strong suction when I flush. I need to usually flush twice. What can I do?</p>
<p>Adjust the height of your float, so that it uses a little more water, until you get the desired affect.</p>

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