Installing a lock top chimney damper can be a great way to prevent any energy leakage from your home caused by a chimney. Chimneys can be a major factor in losing heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. If you currently have a throat damper in your chimney, which many homes do, it can still leak energy. Throat dampers do not have a gasket, making it so the damper can never be 100% closed. A lock top chimney damper has a gasket at the top of the chimney to ensure an air tight seal every time. Lock top chimney dampers also act as a rain cap, keeping rain and critters out of your chimney. Lock top chimney dampers are economical and are designed for any do-it-yourself homeowner to install.

Take these steps and you will know how to seal off your chimney today. This link shows a wide variety of top locking dampers. http://www.rockfordchimneysupply.com/dampers.php. Stop the drafty chimney.  Heating and cooling gets expensive; a top lock chimney damper can pay for itself in no time.

Warning: Top lock chimney dampers should not be used with gas log fireplaces.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

When you purchase a top lock chimney damper, it comes with 30' wire cable, allen wrench, 2 anchor nails, mounting bracket, and tube of silicone cement. Tools you will need are a drill with 1/4" masonry drill bit, hammer, and wire cutters.

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