Step 4: Preparing and Installing the Shelves

If you purchased a laminate, composite or otherwise pre-fabricated shelf material, the only thing that remains to complete the project is to place the shelves on the brackets. If, however, you purchased shelving lumber, it is now time to prepare the shelves for installation.

To cut unfinished shelving material for installation:
1. Measure and mark the desired length per shelf, using a tape measure, pencil, and optionally a T-square for a precise right angle cut. The shelves should overhang the outermost brackets by no more than six inches.
2. Cut the material along your mark, using a hand or power saw.
3. Sand the cut ends, factory edges, and surfaces for a smooth finish, and to avoid splinters.

To finish shelving material:
1. Clean surface with a brush or tack cloth, making sure to remove all residual sawdust.
2. Apply the finish, making sure to follow the directions that accompany finish material.
3. Allow the finish to dry, making sure to follow the directions that accompany the finish material.

You can now proceed to place the finished shelving on the brackets. .

Congratulations, you finished. And all for under 50 bucks! Enjoy your shelves!
nearly 50 isn't what I personally would call cheap... that said I have shelves like this in my closet (I don't think standards are attractive enough to be elsewhere) and I think I managed to do it for around 50... that was with 4 rather large shelves mind you. The single bracket ones, but none the less, I don't have anything heavy enough to warrant needing the double brackets... <br><br>Food for thought.
You could save money by scrounging your shelving.
$50 is expensive for 2 small shelves.

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