Picture of Installing Eduke32 to linux (Ubuntu)
Now, if you readed my eduke32 windows instruction, Now i created Linux instructions
It also supports HRP and Mods(some bugs with mods)
Quotes form wiki.eduke32.com
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Step 1: Terminal commands

Picture of Terminal commands
Now start Terminal and type there: (Ubuntu users must activate the universe repository before installing EDuke32.)
echo -e "deb http://apt.duke4.net $(lsb_release -cs) main\n\
deb-src http://apt.duke4.net $(lsb_release -cs) main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/eduke32.list
And press enter
NB! you need admin rights!
If you're using Maverick Meercat and Ubuntu Software Center, you may have errors:
use Lucid Lynx addresses Eduke32(like this: deb http://apt.duke4.net lucid main, deb-src http://apt.duke4.net lucid main)
If you choose Debian wheezy or Ubuntu Oneric or newer, you cannot install, because there is no libpvx1 for 10.10

Step 2: Installing

Picture of Installing
After downloading, INSTALL it. Type to terminal:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install eduke32
If terminal asks passwd, enter it

Step 3: Game files + (Polymer) HRP

Picture of Game files + (Polymer) HRP
Put game files(.grp + .rts) to <username>/.eduke32/ folder
HRP files to /.eduke32/autoload folder
and mark Enable autoload folder

Step 4: Issues

Picture of Issues
Eduke32 linux have some bugs with upper-,lowercase letters, so rename them
Maps with extra resources: DukePlus can't find Grate#.wav, use GRATE#.wav
ART files: tiles014.art instead of TILES014.ART
Linux + AMD(old ATI) don't work good, It's slow with HRP both versions
Fedora 12 + ATI 4850 with the open source default driver plus the latest Mesa experimental - the game runs smooth and pretty fast.
Cheers for using!
Mikroskeem :)
nerd74739 months ago

he uses GOS, Ubuntu, and Fedora in this...

lemonie3 years ago
This makes very little sense to me; form proper sentences.