Picture of Installing IKEA Upper Kitchen Cabinets

A while back we had an unexpected forced kitchen remodel, a row of upper cabinets full fell off the wall one day nearly taking my wife out with it.  Like most projects around the house replacing these cabinets sat on the back burner until IKEA started sending us fliers in the mail and we noticed how nice their cabinets looked and how affordable they can be.  We went with the Akurum wall cabinets with the aluminum framed frosted glass doors and glass shelves, if they things fall it could be really bad so I have to make sure to get it right unlike the previous owners of our house.

A little background, our house is concrete block and the wall these cabinets are to be installed on is the inside of an exterior concrete wall covered with furring strips, two layers of sheet rock, and about 3/16" thick textured finish.  It was obvious that hanging the cabinets with wood screw to the furring strips was not a great idea so my plan here is to anchor the cabinets into the concrete with tapcons, a whole lot of tapcons.

This project was easier than most because the old cabinets were already off the wall.

What tools and materials are needed, well here is my list, everything is not needed but since I have them I tend to use the best too for the job, like using a chisel to open a can of paint.

4' level (You MUST have a level and a big one)
Framing Square (the cabinet boxes MUST be square for the doors to line up)
Impact Driver (Cordless Drill or even screwdrivers and a socket set would work)
Cordless Drill
Hammer Drill (For concrete block you don't need the hammer drill but it makes life easy)
Drill Bits (You need to drill through for the bolts that pull the separate cabinets together) 
Tapcons (I used 1/4" by 3 1/4" lags, you may need shorter ones if you don't have multiple layers of drywall)
Circular Saw with Metal Cut Off  Blade (have to cut the steel rails that the cabinets hang on, anything that can cut steel will work here.)
Clamps (Small clamps are fine)

Nice to have tools:
rotary saw (I used this as a router for cabinets customization and in the wall exploration)

judyb5222 days ago

I have an Ikea wardrobe with tempered glass doors in an aluminum frame. I need to put on drawer handles. Can anyone give me some hints? Thanks

jskingry (author)  judyb5222 days ago
Don't drill the glass. If there is not enough glass free section of the frame to put a handle into you can always use an adhesive to hold a handle of sorts on the glass.
loopyloosy1 year ago
Ikea instructions are only pictures so they can be used in any country...it's not lazy or insulting!
jskingry (author)  loopyloosy1 year ago
So the multiple missing steps and instructions for the cabinet could be described as thorough and efficient?
gjm2 years ago
Well done; is Trinity a Whippet?
sunshiine4 years ago
Nice ible! Stay cool!