Picture of Installing Kitchen Cabinet Door Handles

My boyfriend and I spent weeks remodeling our kitchen.  After countless hours scraping paint, sanding wood, primering and painting doors, and staining cabinets, we finally got to the last part to complete our kitchen.... installing the final hardware bits!  I was adamant that the handles be even and perfect.  My partner in crime showed me this great and inexpensive trick to making sure that all the handles matched up, without the use of fancy tools, or the annoyance of having to measure each door. 

Saving time and money means more time for eating and lounging!
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Drill & Bits
Masking Tape

Step 2: Placement & Drill

Picture of Placement & Drill
Take a good look at the overall design of the kitchen and decide where you want the handles to be. 

Measure up where you want the holes to be drilled.  Once you have marked that, take a piece of masking tape, mark the drill holes with a pencil and drill!

Step 3: Peel Tape and Repeat!

Picture of Peel Tape and Repeat!

Peel the masking tape and reapply to the next door.  (Be sure to use this tape on the doors that open in the same direction!  Otherwise, your handles and drilled holes will not be even!)

Once all the doors are completed, restart from step 1 on the doors that open the other direction!

TA DA!  now you have perfectly aligned cabinet handles in a jiffy!

Step 4: R&R

Picture of R&R

admire your newly finished kitchen from afar with appropriate robot tee & four legged friends.